Cannot set property 'isRootInsert' of undefined #4589

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Steps to reproduce

Install deps, run dev, navigate to any view that uses a top level component with a default slot, layouts for example.

What is Expected?

The view to load

What is actually happening?

Error Cannot set property 'isRootInsert' of undefined


I've been following #4584 and pulled down the updated patch and tested it with no difference in results.

sqal commented Dec 27, 2016 edited

It really looks like it's the same issue as #4584 Everything is fine with your code to this point:


<template lang="pug">
        dt(slot="title" v-html="doc.title")
        dd(slot="desc" v-html="doc.desc")
      section-header Examples

but when you add <slot> after that, it breaks with isRootInsert error.

johnleider commented Dec 27, 2016 edited

Correct. It also only breaks because the slotted components have default slots of their own. Notice the named slot which contains a component with no slot, it works just fine.

yyx990803 commented Dec 28, 2016 edited

Since the patch was in the codegen, you will need to use updated vue-template-compiler as well. I cloned your repo and tested locally using everything from my local branch and it seems to be working correctly (all the views render properly), so I think it is indeed caused by the same bug.

If you want to test it yourself, you can clone the Vue repo, build everything and link vue and vue-template-compiler and vue-server-renderer into your project.

(great job on vuetify, btw!)


Thanks Evan, didn't think about those packages as well. Appreciate all the help.

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