@yyx990803 yyx990803 released this Aug 16, 2016 · 1664 commits to dev since this release

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  • v-show now respects the original display value of the element (@chrisvfritz)
  • The server renderer now supports rendering <script> and <style> tags (they are still forbidden on the client) - this allows using a Vue component to render the HTML layout of the entire page. (@naumovs)
  • Added warning for missing v-on handlers.
  • Added warning for duplicate <slot> usage which used to work in 1.x but is no longer supported in 2.0.


  • Fixed vdom patch errors on components with empty root (e.g. when root has v-if or transition)
  • #3433 fix enter hook not firing for v-show transition
  • #3439 fix v-model on input[type=range] in IE
  • #3440 fix out-in transition entering early when parent re-renders
  • #3451 fix native events on components with inline-template
  • #3453 fix unnecessary child watcher calls on parent re-render