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@yyx990803 yyx990803 released this Sep 13, 2017 · 859 commits to dev since this release

Bug Fixes

  • directive: should invoke unbind & inserted on inner component root element change 538ad20, closes #6513
  • inject: exclude not enumerable keys of inject object (#6346) 3ee62fd, closes #6574
  • provide: provide should default to parentVal during merging (#6473) 3c21675, closes #6436
  • ssr: address possible xss vector 5091e2c
  • vdom: avoid diff de-opt when both head/tail are different 230c6ae, closes #6502
  • $off should ignore undefined handler argument fa6a729, closes #6591
  • ssr: better handle v-html hydration 0f00f8f, closes #6519
  • ssr: expose context.styles when no lifecycle styles are injected 1f52a2a, closes #6353
  • ssr: fix cachedEscape memory issue 02f8b80, closes #6332
  • ssr: handle v-text/v-html with non-string value 09106f0, closes #6572
  • ssr: should also escape static text content 172dbf9, closes #6345
  • transition: consider async placeholder as valid child to return (#6369) a43d667, closes #6256
  • types: add inject option in functional component options type (#6530) 1baa0a7
  • types: allow variadic plugin use (#6363) 38d5218, closes #6357
  • v-model: Allow using array value with array v-model in checkboxes (#6220) d6e6f1d, closes #6219
  • v-model: avoid unnecessary change event on select options change d4d553c, closes #6193
  • v-model: fix input listener with modifier blocking v-model update 6f312d6, closes #6552
  • vdom: Don't replace input for text-like type change (#6344) f76d16e, closes #6313
  • computed properties should not be cached during SSR 06741f3
  • deep clone slot vnodes on re-render 0529040, closes #6372
  • do not use MutationObserver in IE11 844a540, closes #6466
  • ensure $attrs and $listeners are always objects (#6441) 59dbd4a, closes #6263
  • ensure outer bindings on nested HOC are properly re-applied on inner root element change a744497
  • handle special case for allowfullscreen on d77b953, closes #6202
  • inherit SVG ns on component root node (#6511) 89f0d29, closes #6506
  • preserve slot attribute if not resolved by Vue 684cd7d, closes #6553
  • set value as domProp for 7116af4, closes #6561
  • support prop type checking for primitive wrapper objects (#6450) 679cd1f, closes #6447
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