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@yyx990803 yyx990803 released this
· 364 commits to dev since this release
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Bug Fixes

  • allow _ in watch paths (element compat) 8b382b3
  • scoped-slots: ensure $scopedSlots calls always return Arrays c7c13c2, closes #8056
  • always use microtasks for nextTick (#8450) 850555d, closes #8450 #7109 #7546 #7707 #7834 #8109 #6566
  • core: dedupe lifecycle hooks during options merge edf7df0, closes #9199
  • core: fix merged twice bug when passing extended constructor to mixins (#9199) 5371617, closes #9199 #9198
  • next-tick: revert 60da366 080dd97, closes #8436
  • provide/inject: Merges symbol provides (#7926) 1933ee8, closes #7926
  • runtime: DevTools recommendation shows for all browsers (#8638) 22ad266, closes #8638 #8634
  • make transition-group key warning a tip to avoid breaking compilation d08b49f
  • ssr: properly handle invalid and numeric style properties 7d9cfeb, closes #9231
  • cover more cases in v-on inline return value 9432737
  • ssr: should not render invalid numeric style values 17d8bcb
  • ssr: should render 0 as valid value for style property with unit aef5b4e
  • ensure only nromalize a scoped slot when it is present 5fb23d4
  • ensure proxied normal slot uses correct key b32c4b6
  • return inline invocation return value in v-on handlers 0ebb0f3, closes #7628