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vue on rails

Vue for your favorite Rails products

The Vue on Rails gem makes it easy to build Vue components on your Rails products.

It uses Rails 5.x, Vue 2.x, Webpacker 4.x, Ruby 2.x, Node 11.x, Yarn 1.12.x.

  • 🖖 Vue UI ready
  • 🐶 Support pug
  • 🤡 Jest test ready
  • ✂️ Specific-page Vue
  • 👷🏻️ Asset pipeline helpers
  • 🎯 Simple state management
  • 📦 Out of the box configuration
  • 🔨 Component generators and scaffolds
  • ❄️ Server Side Rendering using Hypernova
  • 🗃 Easily migrate to Vuex state management
  • 🌎 Internationalization for component parts
  • 💎 Compatible with Rails 6/5/4 and Webpacker
  • 🏎 Kickstart with our application template at

It ships out-of-the-box configuration, component generators and other solutions to make life easy for both Vue and Rails.

Getting Started

Create an empty Vue on Rails project by running with an application template:

rails new app -m -d postgresql

To browse the application template, it's here

Manual Installation

Create a Rails app with vue and webpack support.

rails new app --webpack=vue -d postgresql

Add this line to your application's Gemfile and run bundle

gem 'vueonrails'

note: vuejs gem was renamed to vueonrails

and run rails vue:setup to complete the installation

Getting Help & Contributing Back

Feel free to contribute back to Vue on Rails via pull requests. Below are some links that you may find useful.


📮 Bryan Lim

Richard LaFranchi and I are writing a book Vue on Rails. If you are interested to be one of the early reviewers of our drafts, please email me.

MIT License