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Awesome Vuetify


Below is a list of curated resources for Vuetify. If you have something that you think belongs here, feel free to reach out to us in the community.






Projects using Vuetify

Open source

  • DayspanVuetify - A fully featured calendar, event, and scheduling library of components.
  • GenVue - A hostable, web application that lets confidential users upload and share private files build on Vue.js, Vuetifyjs and NetCore WebAPI stack
  • Open API - OpenApi Specification Explorer
  • Payshare - Track shared expenses in a group of people
  • Vue Material Admin - A vue material admin template
  • Vuebase - A Firebase-like theme built with Vuetify
  • Vuetified - Laravel Vuetify Real Time Starter App
  • Vuetify Swipeout - A swipe out example built with Vue CLI 3 + Vuetify + Swiper
  • Vuetify Todo PWA - A simple Todo PWA built with Vue CLI 3 + Vuex + Vuetify
  • Better Onetab - A better onetab extension built with on Vuetify



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