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πŸ—ƒ An opinionated Vue CLI 3 Vuetify Preset
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A Vue CLI 3 Preset for generating scaffolded Vuetify applications

πŸ’Ώ Install

vue create my-project --preset vuetifyjs/vue-cli-preset-vuetify

πŸš€ Usage

Default Component Structure

Adds base and core components.

  • base: Global components that are automatically loaded
  • core: Application level components




94/100/100 Desktop

92/100/100 Mobile

@mdi/js Icons

With @mdi/js you must import the corresponding icon that you plan to use (custom).

  <v-icon>{{ mdiHeart }}</v-icon>

  import { mdiHeart } from '@mdi/js'

  export default {
    data: () => ({ mdiHeart })

πŸ’ͺ Supporting Vuetify

Vuetify is an open source MIT project that has been made possible due to the generous contributions by community backers. If you are interested in supporting this project, please consider:

πŸ“‘ License


Copyright (c) 2016-present Vuetify LLC

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