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@johnleider johnleider released this Jul 4, 2017 · 5018 commits to master since this release

Neko and the Electric boogaloo

Welcome back to another Vuetify release! The dev team has been feverishly at work trying to bring awesome new tools to play with, while improving existing ones.

Before I continue, I'd like to thank all the developers that have made working on Vuetify an absolute pleasure. Of these developers, one individual has been pivotal to some of the features you will see this release. If you come across @nekosaur in gitter or the issue boards, make sure to show him your love. From answering questions to writing code so advanced that I personally think he's from the terminator movie, @nekosaur has been a monster among devs and I am thankful to have him on board.

This release is accompanied by a bunch of new goodies including support for documentation versioning, so if you're not ready to upgrade, you can still access information for previous releases. This will only be applicable for 0.12 and on. We have also added a new Sandbox area that will let you experiment with the various layouts supported in Vuetify. Lastly, a new FAQ section is being fleshed out to help with common questions and gotchas.

As some of you may have already experienced, thanks to @dohomi, we have moved our hosting solution from Digital Ocean to Zeit now. This change has helped us streamline features such as Current development docs and allowing more than just myself to deploy. Also a big shoutout to our newest sponsor, Cloudflare.

This release has taken so long particularly due to the entire theme overhaul. One of the biggest concerns with starting a new application was setting up the dark/light theme elements. It was daunting and very confusing at times. Now, defining your theme on v-app will define the default colors for all theme supporting components within the framework, while still allowing you to manually specify the theme for components that you want to.

One of the overdue tasks for the project has been unit testing. @nekosaur has setup the initial structure that will be used going forward as we start to develop tests for all components. Due to the massive size of the framework, this will be rolled in over time. If your favorite component does not have tests yet and you are tired of waiting, feel free to submit a PR.

Along with the new components, v-system-bar, speed-dial, the addition of Grid list functionality to the existing grid system and the Floating action button, we have a couple of refactors that should better place these components in line with Material spec and functionality.

  • Cards
  • Tabs
  • Toolbars

With this release, I believe we only have 1 missing component from the initial spec, Bottom sheets. Thanks to @mfferreira, this component has already been in the works for quite some time and will ship with 0.14. While this is a positive note, one of the downsides to a framework growing in functionality, is that it also grows in size. While this may not concern some developers, to others, this can be a very daunting if you only use a handful of components.

In light of this, I have brought on @SharpSeeEr to help with the developing of a custom package generator. You will soon be able to select only the components you wish to use and get a customized package that only contains your choices.

Thanks again to all of the individuals who support this project. It has grown far past my expectations and I am so humbled by the Vue community. We all look forward to continuing the development of Vuetify, which will not cease once the initial spec is complete. Stay tuned for more information to come.

If you enjoy this project and would like to support the future development of new features and functionality, please consider donating through Paypal or Patreon.

Things we fixed

  • #684 Fixed a bug where v-tab-slider could have an incorrect width if v-tabs existed within a component that was not shown at run time
  • #696 Added better keyboard support to all selection control components
  • #700 Fixed a bug where dialog overlay was not properly adding back scroll to the body
  • #702 Fixed menu position when the auto prop was used on v-select with 3 items or less
  • #711 Fixed a bug where a v-text-field could be partially focused
  • #717 Fixed v-tabs-item position inside a v-tabs with the centered prop
  • #718 #708 Fixed a bug where v-expansion-panel-content and v-list-group would not set its height to 'auto' after transition
  • #722 Fixed a bug where when counter and prepend-icon prop on v-text-field were used, it would cause the counter to be positioned incorrectly
  • #727 Fixed a bug where v-progress-linear's animation would constantly run, even if not enabled. This fixes an issue with higher than normal CPU usage
  • #760 Fixed a bug where a non-focused, non-dirty input with a prefix would overlay the label
  • #763 Fixed the lazy prop on v-dialog
  • #770 Fixed a bug where the screen overlay would not properly show when a v-dialog was instantiated with an initial active state of true
  • #779 Changed how detachable components are moved to account for the order in which Vue renders children (v-menu hidden behind v-dialog)
  • #781 Fixed a bug where if a v-dialog was destroyed, the associated content would still persist in the DOM
  • 88f989b Fixed a bug with searching in data-table when not on the first page
  • #806 Fixed a bug where v-stepper would not work properly inside of v-dialog
  • #824 Fixed media queries targeting only screen (not print)
  • #832 Fixed a bug where v-list-tile had a delay before it was disabled inside of a v-menu
  • #842 Removed native styles for v-text-field in Firefox
  • #851 Fixed a bug where v-select would not properly highlight a numeric 0 when selected
  • v-menu and v-select will now attempt to always keep the menu content on the screen

Things we added

  • Completly overhauled theme system
  • Unit tests
  • v-system bar component
  • v-speed-dial component
  • #545 Added ability to manually set error state for all form components
  • #609 Added support for Material design icons
  • #643 Added back functionality stripped after release due to a documentation bug
  • #656 Added allowed-time functionality to v-time-picker
  • #677 Added ability to pass a custom class to v-menu and v-dialog
  • #705 Added first-day-of-week prop to v-date-picker which allows you to specify the start day of your calendar
  • #706 Added support for left and right (contextual) click positioning of v-menu with the position-x and position-y props
  • #725 Added functionality that will remove the ability for a v-navigation-drawer to appear momentarily when initially rendering a page on mobile
  • #737 #738 Added support for defining the <tr> within the scopedSlots of v-data-table
  • #745 Added mandatory prop to v-btn-toggle which forces an option to be selected
  • #800 Added ability to easily set custom colors on v-progress-linear
  • #803 Added ability to show/hide the v-badge directive
  • #808 Added better i18n support to v-data-table
  • #810 Added proper step functionality to v-slider
  • #814 Added change event for v-select that only occurs when an item is selected
  • #820 Fixed a bug where components that use the overlay were not properly showing that overlay on IE/Edge
  • #821 Updated the experience when using the left and right arrows on v-tabs
  • Added hover prop to v-menu. This will open the v-menu on hover if using the activator slot
  • Added absolute and fixed props to v-menu
  • v-select will no longer apply the incorrect animation when not using the auto prop
  • Added tile prop to v-card. This option removes border-radius
  • Added the ability to set transitions on v-alerts
  • Added better scrolling techniques for v-tabs
  • Added the grid-list prop to v-container
  • Added floating action button functionality to v-btn with the fab prop, replaces floating
  • Added contextual mixin to v-icon allowing contextual props, ie. success and error
  • Numerous IE11 bug fixes for overlay and buttons
  • Overlays will append to the correct element if the implementing component uses the absolute prop
  • v-dialog and v-menu now support the full-width prop, changing them from inline-block to block elements
  • Pickers (v-date-picker and v-time-picker) will no longer automatically save if you are not using the actions prop. Must now be enabled by use of the autosave prop
  • Selection controls (v-switch, v-checkbox and v-radio) no longer implement contextualable mixin. New colorable mixin allows for any color to be used.
  • ba1a481 All form components that support error functionality will no longer clip with an incoming error
  • Adjusted v-tooltip animation and timing to match MD spec
  • v-tabs and v-stepper now uses provide/inject for better peformance
  • All selection controls should now better reflect MD spec
  • Form components underline now matches spec
  • Form component errors prop has changed to error-message for better veelidate integration
  • Moved numerous setTimeouts to requestAnimationFrame where applicable
  • #98 Updated v-checkbox true and false value props to accept more than a String
  • #805 Enabled eslint on the repository
  • Changed v-data-table header left property to align. You can now simply pass align: left, right or center
  • Removed duplicate label being generated for selection control components

Things we removed

  • v-card-row
  • v-toolbar-sub
  • v-toolbar-logo
  • v-toolbar-item (now use v-btn)
  • v-list-item
  • v-btn-dropdown (now use v-select)
  • Removed horizontal prop from v-card
  • Removed entry animation for v-stepper
  • Due to complications with autocomplete, the transition group for v-select has been removed

Things you added

  • #788 Added positioning to the v-badge-directive (thanks @cawa93)
  • #759 Added ability to remove minimum width on v-menu
  • #859 Added download prop to all route-link mixin implementing components

Things you fixed

  • #728 Moved the selector from document to window for the translatable mixin (affects v-parallax)
  • #762 Fixed bug where tabs would not render properly after being deleted (thanks @eclipseAce)
  • #802 Fixed v-app selection where it would be possible for a console error

Things we missed

These features missed the 0.13 release and will ship with 0.14

  • FAB toolbar/sheet transition (in dev)
  • Toolbar scrolling techniques
  • Text field boxes
  • Persistent bottom sheets
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