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@johnleider johnleider released this Jul 16, 2017 · 4879 commits to dev since this release

The band of misfits

With the release of Vue@2.4, the team has implemented some of its new functionality to address certain aspects that were a sore spot for many developers. All components will now emit all bound events, meaning there is no longer a need to use .native.

Components such as v-text-field and v-list-tile, will now accept all standard HTML attributes such as spell-check or download. Previously they needed explicit prop declarations for each attribute. As always, a big thanks to the team and awesome community that enables us to do what we do.

If you enjoy this project and would like to support the future development of new features and functionality, please consider donating through Paypal or Patreon.

Deprecated functionality

  • The router prop is no longer needed. For router links, use the to prop, for anchor links, use the href prop.

Things we added

  • All implicit events should no longer require .native to catch the event
  • All implicit attrs should now be bound and attached to the proper element, i.e. v-text-field and v-list-tile
  • #931 Added touch support for multiple components: v-carousel, v-tabs, v-date-picker, v-navigation-drawer
  • #812 Fixed with logic updates from Vue@2.4
  • #901 When v-navigation-drawer is in mini-variant mode, list-group children will be hidden
  • #845 v-tooltip directive can now be disabled in the same manner that v-badge
  • #912 Added the ability to get a vertically/horizontally centered content area by using prop full-height on v-list-container
  • d0f81a6 Added support for dot notation in item-text and item-value props on v-select
  • #975 Added emitted events for previous and next for v-pagination

Things we fixed

  • abc7c29 The hover overlay for all buttons has been fixed
  • 0003e9b Fixed regression of #929
  • 91c146d Fixed a bug where static classes were not being passed properly in v-list-tile-action
  • 0966d36 Fixed mobile break point logic in v-navigation-drawer that was triggering 1px too soon
  • #928 Fixed a bug where stepper icons with an error status had a blue background
  • #930 Fixed a bug where an active state was not being applied to v-btn in v-toolbar
  • #934 Theme colors now properly affect v-navigation-drawer icons
  • #933 Fixed a bug where inline style binding was not applying on v-card
  • #932 Fixed a bug where v-navigation-drawer with the permanent prop was overlapping content
  • #947 Fixed a bug where if v-btn was not a direct child of v-bottom-navigation, it would not receive the proper styling
  • #954 Fixed a bug where the overlay scrim for v-dialog would persist if destroyed immediately after creation
  • #949 Fixed a bug where v-btn-toggle would not allow unselection of all options, even without the mandatory prop
  • #958 Fixed a bug where v-btn would not properly disable when then the diabled prop was used on a router-link
  • #956 Fixed a bug where v-text-field with the full-width prop has a misaligned label
  • #961 v-time-picker will now properly update the period AM/PM when the value is changed externally
  • #966 Fixed a bug where v-data-table could display the improper order on a larger data-sets
  • #833 Fixed with Vue@2.4 release upgrades
  • #828 Fixed initial entry animation for v-menu on Safari
  • #905 #894 #822 Added better locale support for v-date-picker
  • #986 #987 Fixed a bug where the next page was still clickable when All was selected from the pagination dropdown in v-data-table

Things we broke

  • All .native declarations need to be removed, @click.native="fn" -> @click="fn"
  • v-carousel's transition prop now expects the transition name as opposed to the transition component name

Things you fixed

  • #945 added missing display break point helper classes (thanks @tdmichaelis)
  • #868 Custom components can now be used in the scoped items slot in v-data-table (thanks @stephane )
  • #998 Fixed missing key for v-carousel items (thanks @loduis)
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