@johnleider johnleider released this Jan 11, 2017 · 75 commits to master since this release

Large Update

Accompanying the v0.8.6 release, the documentation has received a complete overhaul. All examples now contain the specific markup used in a dropdown. The Parameters section of each component has been moved to an API section, which utilizes the recently updated v-tabs component.

Breaking Changes

  • <v-tab> is now <v-tab-item>. This change was to make all itemable implementing components share the same name structure

New Features

  • Added <table> styles. This is not the Material Design data table component, that is coming soon
  • Added styles for <blockquote>, <kbd> and <var> elements
  • New v-sidebar-header component. Can be used manually, or by adding an object to your items array. Example { header: 'My Header' }
  • You can now override the default transitions and transition-origin for components


  • All Transitions have been refactored and will now be considerably smoother
  • Tabs have been refactored to meet Material Design spec
  • <v-navbar-item>, <v-sidebar-item>, <v-dropdown-item> and <v-tab-item> now share the same API through the <itemable> mixin
  • The <v-navbar> has received an overhaul and now supports parent items, similar to <v-sidebar>
  • <v-navbar> , <v-sidebar> and <v-tabs-tabs> now contain cascading properties. You can define router, ripple or group-class at any level and it will chain down
  • Components that use activators, i.e. <v-sidebar> and <v-dropdown> can now have more than 1 bound activator
  • Improved <v-tooltip> directive styles and animation
  • Activator directives, i.e. v-sidebar:sidebar or v-dropdown:dropdown can now be defined dynamically through the value property. v-sidebar="{ value: 'sidebar' }"
  • Updated heading styles to match Material Design spec
  • Updated grid and added a new xl breakpoint. This will work by adding xl{number} to the v-col component. Example <v-col xs12 md6 lg4 xl3></v-col>
  • Changed mobile break point for v-sidebar to 992. Added property to change this setting on the sidebar component.
  • Added closed and opened events for all toggleable components, i.e. <v-modal>, <v-sidebar>
  • Updated <v-slider> so that you can now have more than 1 on a page
  • Removed Object.assign from <directiveConfig> helper function to allow Safari 8 support
  • #71 Added collapsible open icon indicator
  • #82 Added required property to <v-text-input>

Bug Fixes

  • 7b722cd Fixed bug where Material Icons were not working in psuedo elements on Edge
  • 6a4446c Fixed bug where right sidebar was not properly translating
  • #34 Added ability to change color
  • #65 Removed on-click declaration
  • #69 Changed event method for <v-modal>
  • #77 Updated misnamed stylus variable
  • #80 Added explicit event emit for on blur
  • #83 Fixed bug where select was not maintaining the selected values