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@johnleider johnleider released this Mar 14, 2017 · 7834 commits to master since this release

Forms for everyone!

This release requires Vue@^2.2

This release was focused on polishing up one of the weakest areas in Vuetify, the forms. In order to not delay the release any further, we have decided to push back Date/Time picker for the next release. Selection control components have also been updated for Vue 2.2 support. You will no longer need to use the value-v prop when needing to specify the value. This release also contains significant updates to the Menu and corresponding Select components thanks to @prograhammer.

Next up

We are rounding out the last few components before we reach 100% spec. I greatly appreciate all of the passionate developers which have provided feedback and help during the development of Vuetify. From the entire team, we would like to thank you for your continued support.

Performance Improvements

  • Sidebar/list patch time has been improved by up to 72%

New Components

Updated Components

  • Select/Menu - fully updated with a vast amount of options and functionality (thanks @prograhammer)
  • Chips - added avatar prop for image chips
  • All form components now support v-model modifiers, lazy, number and trim. (spec)
  • All form components now have dark/light themes
  • All selection controls now have the proper ripple effect
  • Added router capabilities to v-btn #155
  • v-footer is now a functional component
  • v-list-tile-action is now a functional component
  • Added error messaging for all form components
    • This is handled by passing an array of callbacks to the rules prop.
    • These callbacks should either return Boolean (true) or a String message.
  • Added hint messaging for all form components
  • Added support for true-value and false-value to switch and checkbox spec
  • Updated activator for menu to toggle instead of only open #152
  • v-list-group will now lazily load its children

Bug Fixes

  • Added overflow for modal #184
  • Fixed size variations for button icon #185
  • Added conditional for modal activator #162
  • Updated expansion-panel to property resize when content changes #154

Misc Changes

  • Moved background color set to secondary color only on non-fixed sidebars 1628eb6
  • Improved non-fixed sidebar styles on mobile 461b599
  • Added prop to designate no action on list groups for better alignment 8ec8643
  • Added better support for selection controls in lists

Changed Components

  • Toasts have been moved from a function to a component, v-snackbar
  • v-list-sub-header is now v-subheader
  • v-text-input is now v-text-field


Document sections have been added for <v-subheader> and <v-divider>

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