@KaelWD KaelWD released this Dec 1, 2017 · 1496 commits to dev since this release

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Install via npm: vuetify@next

The docs are still in active development. During this time you may see that some pages are missing, or some property descriptions are missing. No cause for alarm.

Migration guide

  • v-list-group
    • item slot is now called activator
    • No longer needs an explicit dropdown arrow or v-list-tile-action for icons, use append-icon and prepend-icon now

Things we added

  • 6c612c5 New component: v-jumbotron
  • 6c612c5 Added a size prop to v-icon
  • #1709 v-carousel-item now supports all router-link props
  • #2563 v-list-groups can now be nested, just use the sub-group prop on all children
    • New prop: sub-group
    • New prop: expand
    • New prop: no-action
  • #1898 Addded text--primary, text--secondary, text--disabled classes
  • #2436 v-list-tile now supports the color prop to change its inactive text color
  • #2554 v-avatar and v-list-tile-avatar now support the color prop
  • 1988ab7 v-list-group now has append-icon and prepend-icon props
  • eac768b Updated v-toolbar scrolling behaviour
    • New props: extension-height and inverted-scroll
  • #2297 New component: v-data-iterator - similar to v-data-table, but allows you to use any component to display your data
  • 23dbfa2 Added grow and shrink props to grid components
  • d89401a Added height prop to v-system-bar
  • b748b73 Added new mx-auto class to horizontally center block elements
  • 5bc20c8 Added new width prop to v-card

Things we changed

  • 1be5a48 v-carousel now uses prepend-icon and append-icon instead of left-control-icon and right-control-icon
  • b75f243, d634351 removed animations on layout components when using SSR
  • 678a249 Moved v-navigation-drawer translate to an inline style instead of a percentage
  • #2465 Updated v-stepper styles to better match material design guidelines (thanks @manico)
  • #2620 Removed support and warning for extra <main> inside v-content
  • #2621 Removed contextualable props from v-btn, you must use color now

Things we fixed

  • #1805 Fixed a bug where a v-avatar with a colored background would become distorted if used inside a v-list-tile
  • #2410 Fixed a bug where the v-stepper animation would sometimes cancel early
  • d7215d0 Fixed a bug where v-btn inside a v-card would sometimes inherit an incorrect border radius
  • #2630, 2cf08d7 Added keys to all iterating components
  • #2581 Fixed a bug where <v-btn color="accent"> would have the wrong text color
  • #2653 Removed redundant transition-group from input components (thanks @Phlow2001)
  • 496ff2c, e05a390 Fixed a bug where an autocomplete v-select would have the wrong caret position if an integer was selected
  • e9c405a Fixed a bug where a combobox v-select would ignore dropdown selections with an active text input
  • a082374 Fixed a bug where the theme stylesheet wouldn't be created when using SSR with extract-text-webpack-plugin
  • #2666 Reset v-data-table expanded value to an object instead of an array (thanks @GregYankovoy)
  • #2650 Fixed a bug where only icons would work in the v-speed-dial activator button
  • #2667 Fixed a bug where initial items passed to v-select wouldn't be cached (thanks @pinguinjkeke)
  • #2558 Fixed a bug where sized icon buttons would have the incorrect padding