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@johnleider johnleider released this Oct 17, 2018 · 1933 commits to master since this release

Drop it like its hot

Vuetify is shedding some weight! @KaelWD has set up vuetify-loader to automatically handle your application's a-la-carte needs. On top of that, we have a variety of new components and functionality. This release also starts the abstraction of core functionality into self contained components such as v-item-group and v-window.

  • v-treeview β€” intro
  • v-timeline β€” intro
  • v-window β€” intro
    • v-window-item
  • v-item-group β€” intro
    • v-item

We have also updated the project's Roadmap which is packed full of exciting new features that we can't wait to get out to you.

If Vuetify has helped your development in any way, please consider backing the project on Patreon. We offer tiers that are beneficial to both individuals and businesses. This helps us continue to maintain the framework and provide the level of support that we do. Thank you for using Vuetify!

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πŸ“– Table of Contents

#Important links
#New features
#Upgrade guide
#Release notes
#I need help!

Supporting Vuetify
Medium publication

πŸš€ New features

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Component documentation

The v-treeview provides an easy to use interface for displaying nested data/information.




Component documentation

The v-timeline component is useful for displaying chronological information. Easily combine functionality from transition components to create your own unique implementations.




Component documentation

If you have used v-tabs or v-carousel this will be familiar. We have abstracted this baseline functionality into v-window to give you the ability to create advanced components that aren't scoped to existing components.



Component documentation

Creating stateful displays has never been easier. The v-item-group component allows you to create v-radio/v-checkbox style functionality with anything you want.



  • 4 new components
  • Automatic treeshaking (requires webpack 4 or vue-cli-3)

πŸ“‘ Upgrade guide

There are currently no intended upgrades required.

πŸ’― Release notes


πŸš— Things we added

  • #5020 Added the ability to specify the weekday format on v-date-picker

πŸ”§ Things we fixed

  • 646a3ee Fixed a bug where v-select was not properly showing the loader when using the loading prop
  • #5222 Fixed a bug that caused v-tabs to not properly highly the initial item

Includes everything from:


πŸ”§ Things we fixed

  • #5052 v-tabs will now always attempt to scroll the selected tab into view when the model changes

πŸš— Things we added

  • #4613 Added number localization to data-iterable (thanks @alireza4050)
  • #4805 Added proper loading animation support for v-switch
  • #4813 v-window and extending components (v-carousel and v-tabs) now supports custom definition of the v-touch directive options

Includes everything from:


πŸ”§ Things we fixed

  • #5222 - Fixed a bug that caused the v-tabs-slider to not be properly set with dynamic items

πŸ”„ Things we changed

  • caace72 - Selection controls will no longer grow their container

⌨️ Typescript

  • #5194 - Added missing colors.ts export types

Includes everything from:


πŸ”§ Things we fixed

  • 5b8c19f Exclude vuetify.css from webpack's tree-shaking

πŸ†• New Components

  • v-item-group & v-item
  • v-window & v-window-item
  • v-treeview
  • v-timeline & v-timeline-item
  • v-breadcrumb-divider

notice v-stepper was not converted in order to maintain backwards compatibility. Expect v-tabs, v-carousel and v-stepper to have a similar structure in v2.0.

πŸ”§ Things we fixed

  • #3121
    • Fixed a bug that caused pickers to incorrectly overflow on iPhone5
    • Fixed a bug that caused pickers to have the incorrect width
    • Fixed automatic v-time-picker sizing
    • Fixed a bug with max-height on v-time-picker

πŸ”ƒ Things we changed

  • c3c61a9 Added esm build and enabled sideEffects for stylus files
  • 6218e94 v-btn-toggle has been refactored to use new functionality provided in v-item-group
  • ffe5a90 v-bottom-nav has been converted to use v-btn-toggle
  • beb16d2 v-carousel has been refactored to use new functionality provided in v-window
  • #5059 v-ripple now more closely resembles MD spec
  • #5052 v-tabs has been refactored to use new functionality provided in v-window and v-item-group
  • Changed the default close-delay from 200 to 0

πŸš— Things we added

  • #4953 Added better a11y support to v-breadcrumbs (thanks @lol2x)

🌐 Localization

  • #4488 Updated v-stepper-step icon to work with the rtl options

The following locales have been added:

⌨️ Typescript

The following functionality has been converted to typescript:

  • v-breadcrumbs

πŸ†˜ I need help!

If you are stuck and need help, don't fret! We have a very large and dedicated community that is able to provide help 24/7. Come to the #release-migration channel.

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