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@johnleider johnleider released this Jan 1, 2019

Doc this way

Welcome to the v1.4 release! The team has been hard at work to bring more exciting features and functionality for your fingertips. With that in mind, the highlight (at least for me) of this release is the brand new documentation. The internal core has been redeveloped from the ground up to make it easier for developers to contribute and for us to maintain. In essence, everything should feel the same with some minor UI tweaks to improve your experience.

Over the course of the past few months, the entire repository had 150, 000 lines of code modified and over 2500 files. This was a massive feat and it would not have been possible without the support and dedication of the entire @vuetifyjs/core-team, @vuetifyjs/core-contributors and countless volunteers. I would like to highlight a few names for their absolutely selflessness in helping fine tune the new documentation experience:

Thank you for your hard work and dedication to improving Vuetify.

With this release also marks the start of v2.0 and our conversion to Material Design 2. The next iteration of Vuetify will be a complete rebuild of the framework internals, over 10 new components, additional customization options and more. For more details you can watch @johnleider 's presentation at VueConf Toronto this year or checkout the corresponding slides.

Support Vuetify's development

If Vuetify has helped your development in anyway, please consider backing the project on Patreon (supports John) or Open Collective (supports Core Team). This helps us continue to maintain the framework and provide the level of support that we do. If you have any questions, please message @johnleider in our Discord community.

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πŸ“– Table of Contents

#Important links
#New features
#Upgrade guide
#Release notes
#I need help!

Discord Community
Open Collective
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  • New components
  • Rebuilt documentation
    • Up next related pages
    • Component categories
    • Navigation Cleanup
    • Example Tweeks
    • Easier to contribute to
  • New locales

⚑️ Highlighted features

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Component documentation

Sparkline is the newest addition to the Vuetify core. It aims to help bridge the gap between chart and no chart. Great for displaying informational overviews when granular detail isn't a necessity.



Component documentation

If v-card had a younger sibling, it would be v-sheet. Serving as the baseline functionality for many MD2 components, the sheet provides a simple interface for creating paper like components.


Developer notes

The planned v-calendar component ran into complications towards the end of the v1.4 release cycle. We are dedicated to providing quality components and want to ensure that anything we release meets specific standards. To follow progress on its status, please subscribe to the pending pull request.

πŸ“‘ Upgrade guide

Click to expand Syke, nothing to upgrade.

πŸ’― Release notes


πŸ”§ Bug fixes

πŸš€ New Features

πŸ”Ž Doc Updates

  • Accessibility: Greatly improved a11y throughout
  • Component Categories: Component categories can now be found in the API explorer. These categories use alternate language to help describe components in different ways.
  • Contributing: The Contribution page has been updated to provide more depth on how to setup your local environment.
  • Examples: On larger screens (smAndUp), example code will now display in a smaller viewport to help alleviate scroll strain on large examples. Example action icons are now more visible and easier to identify.
  • Navigation: Navigation drawer has been condensed and streamlined with many groups moving under the Framework list.
  • Props: All missing props have been added! These will continue to be fine tuned as we move into 2.0 release.
  • Related Pages: Up next links now can be found at the bottom of documentation pages that help guide users to related functionality.
  • Links: Are now identified by 3 types: external, internal and internal-same-age. All external links now open in new windows and internal links will properly navigate to the selected page and scroll to the designated hash (if provided).

πŸ†˜ I need help!

If you are stuck and need help, don't fret! We have a very large and dedicated community that is able to provide help 24/7. Come to the #release-migration channel.

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