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@johnleider johnleider released this Feb 5, 2020

Notes from the Author

This patch resolves multiple a11y issues with <v-icon> that were introduced in 86133ea. This update added tabindex to <v-icon> when its being used as a interactive element (a bound click listener or using the link prop). While it resolved the issue, the icon wasn't responding to the enter key. This fix resolves those issues and consequently a few other ones. <v-treeview> now has keyboard support by using tab to cycle between branches and pressing enter to expand them:

As defined in the Material Specification, active icons should have an increased opacity when active and focused: In practice, it is not very easy to follow. While we have maintained the originally intended opacity of an active/focused icon, a circular outline (very similar to <v-btn> with the icon prop) was added to better emphasize the change. Reference:


If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me in Discord

🔧 Bug Fixes

  • bootable: don't generate lazy content until it's rendered (#8823) (2b975f5), closes #8712 #8712
  • SelectionControls: adjust focus and hover styles (1e66229)
  • SelectionControls: remove color from transition-property (2f499d2)
  • SelectionControls: remove duplicate import (2beb81b)
  • VCheckbox: spacing issue with dense (#10407) (7aa8aa0), closes #10336
  • VDateTable: events alignment on current date (#10367) (fc2eaa5), closes #8182
  • VIcon: use a button element for clickable icons (#10439) (1596e55), closes #10265 #10391 #10398
  • VListGroup: remove empty div child selector (60844a3), closes #8823
  • VMenu: remove events from old element when activator changes (0a6946a), closes #10430
  • VMessages/VCounter: resolve layout jump caused by incorrect line-height (5c8be69)
  • VPicker: content position in landscape / rtl mode (#10371) (92e77a2), closes #9258
  • VRadioGroup: apply legend style changes only when using row (f0ceca0), closes #10403
  • VRating: remove tabindex from icons (6e6d6b8), closes #10379
  • VSelect: get menu content when needed (bd2278f), closes #8823
  • VTextField: apply different color logic for solo-inverted fields (afa2647), closes #8827
  • VTextField: remove inherit border-color and scope styles (47c986a), closes #10388
  • VTimePicker: AM/PM farsi translation and margins in RTL mode (#10399) (a6761a9)
  • VTimePicker: increase clock click accuracy (#10400) (50ed3ef), closes #7299
  • VTimePicker: missing end circle in clock hand (#10415) (755c5b8)
  • VTimePicker: missing update:period event when ampm clicked in title (3a510e8), closes #7027
  • VTreeview: do not set indeterminate on new leafs (adbb374), closes #8256
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