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@github-actions github-actions released this 17 Mar 16:20

πŸš€ Features

πŸ”§ Bug Fixes

  • colors: remove !important declaration on background-text color (5d75a1d)
  • colors: remove local defined colors, re-implement sass (3738288)
  • form-controls: adjust styling for default, disable, & error states) (ae01ce4)
  • group: narrow item selected check to only null / undefined (82675e9)
  • inputs: pass down name property (7f0b935), closes #14785
  • intersect: check for IntersectionObserver support (7285952), closes #14779
  • nested: do not remove unregistered values (a2ec18e)
  • overlay: overlay z-index should be independent of layout (11fddff)
  • overlay: set overlay z-index relative to layout item (ea510cc)
  • packages: update @formatjs/intl peer version (eef1af6)
  • sass: update default color to match specification (aa002cb)
  • types: remove imports from module augmentations (1c2b908), closes #14816
  • VAlert: implement flex styles (e73c958)
  • VApp: apply correct default application color (cc9da87)
  • VAutocomplete: close menu searchValue becomes falsy (6cb7d26)
  • VAvatar: set default background to transparent (fdbf9a2)
  • VBtn: add boolean rounded support (dec48eb)
  • VCard: adjust v-card-actions location when following v-card-text (af8c87f)
  • VCard: only render subtitle component slot or prop present (500c71d)
  • VCard: remove opacity from v-card-text, use it in text color (46e3311)
  • VCard: remove text padding-top with header (954a4c3)
  • VField: don't persist hover on mobile (11b2c46)
  • VFooter: remove duplicate use of makeTagProps (611108a)
  • VIcon: set explicit size on svg element (af45031), closes #14768
  • VList: open list groups on route change (340baf8)
  • VListItem: apply opacity change directly to v-icons (a089d50)
  • VNavigationDrawer: don't open temporary drawer on resize (3dc57e2)
  • VProgressCircular: handle dom width change (#14769) (2aeaa5d), closes #14767
  • VRating: type slots, convert tests to cypress (ed0f07d)
  • VSelect: wrap chips when max width is reached (20c4402)
  • VSelect/VAutocomplete: let the selection container flex grow (b33d117)
  • VSelectionControl: set control icon opacity when dirty (21d9cda)
  • VSystemBar: expand full width (b19f976)
  • VTextField: show placeholder with no label, dirty, persistent (37d1dfb)
  • VTimeline: don't set custom properties to undefined (87bab30), closes #14820
  • VToolbar: display correct text color from bg colors (f86fb43)
  • VTextField: show persistent-placeholder when label is not def (c50bc0b)
  • VToolbar: apply toolbar-title padding only if prepend is present (aaa7c33)
  • VToolbar: hide title when using the collapse prop (aef5ed6)
  • VToolbar: set correct align-items css value (b4dbb5d)

Other Commmits

  • chore: update terser settings (c9c5103)
  • chore(VAvatar): normalize code styling and clean-up (19a504e)
  • chore(VBanner): normalize code styling and clean-up (5bd3d5f)
  • chore(VCard): normalize code styling and clean-up (0956c86)
  • sass(VAppBar): define 1 css property to avoid build bug (953a70d)

πŸ”¬ Code Refactoring

  • VAppBar: implement v-toolbar (a8df614)
  • VBreadcrumbs/VFooter: adjust base padding (8f48bd2)
  • VBtn/VCard: remove text color transition (eb9bb46)
  • VToolbar: add propsFactory and filter fn (48306a7)
  • VToolbar: propagate v-img props using defaults-provider (58f134f)
  • VToolbarTitle/VAppBarTitle: normalize both components (ebe3b55)