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Your days are numbered

Welcome to the 1.5 release of Vuetify! We've packed tons of goodies for you this time around including the long awaited v-calendar component. The v-treeview and v-sparkline components have both received quality of life updates as well as new features such as search, fill and bar variants and more. Multiple components have been converted to typescript and 5 new locales have been included.

Vuetify is an open source MIT project that has been made possible due to the generous contributions by community backers. If you are interested in supporting this project, please consider:

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#New features
#Upgrade guide
#Release notes
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Supporting Vuetify
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  • New Components
    • v-calendar demo
    • v-expand-x-transition
  • v-treeview improvements demo
  • v-sparkline improvements demo
  • typescript conversions
  • new locales

πŸ“‘ Upgrade guide

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  • goTo has moved locations to be more in line with its use
    • 'vuetify/es5/components/Vuetify/util/goTo' -> 'vuetify/es5/components/Vuetify/goTo'
  • easing-patterns have moved locations to be more in line with their use
    • 'vuetify/es5/util/easing-patterns' -> 'vuetify/es5/Vuetify/goTo/easing-patterns'

πŸš€ New features

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v-calendar demo

The long anticipated v-calendar component is finally here. This robust offering is packed full of enough functionality to be its own library.


It has multiple views and supports a variety of use-cases.


v-treeview demo

The v-treeview component received multiple updates to help improve its usage from search to new public methods for controlling its behavior.


πŸ’― Release notes


πŸ”§ Bug Fixes

  • goTo: allow standalone call (#6324) (012693a)
  • goTo: avoid negative numbers creating a scrollLock (f11e21c)

πŸš€ Features

🌐 Locales

⌨️ Typescript

The following components have been converted to Typescript:

  • VCounter
  • VDatePicker
  • VLabel
  • VMessages
  • VPicker
  • VSystemBar
  • VToolbar
  • VList

πŸ†˜ I need help!

If you are stuck and need help, don't fret! We have a very large and dedicated community that is able to provide help 24/7. Come to the #release-migration channel.

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