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Vuex ORM

Vuex ORM

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🔥 HEADS UP! Currently, Vuex ORM Next project is on going, and we are hoping it is going to be the foundation of the version 1.0.0 release. We're not planning to add features to current v0.36.3 due to focusing more on Vuex ORM Next development. If you're new to Vuex ORM, please try out Vuex ORM Next.

Vuex ORM is a plugin for Vuex to enable Object-Relational Mapping access to the Vuex Store. Vuex ORM lets you create "normalized" data schema within Vuex Store with relationships such as "Has One" and "Belongs To Many" like any other usual ORM library. It also provides fluent API to get, search and update Store state.

Vuex ORM is heavily inspired by Redux recipe of "Normalizing State Shape" and "Updating Normalized Data". Learn more about the concept and motivation of Vuex ORM at What is Vuex ORM?.


Vuex ORM is sponsored by awesome folks. Big love to all of them from whole Vuex ORM community 💕

Super Love Sponsors

Peter Tóth Mario Kolli Cannikan Andy Koch Dylan Copeland

Big Love Sponsors

geraldbiggs Cue Kazuya Kawaguchi jShaf ibrainventures

A Love Sponsors

George Chaduneli bpuig John mean-cj Jeffrey Soong


You can check out the full documentation for Vuex ORM at

Questions & Discussions

Join us on our Slack Channel for any questions and discussions.

Although there is the Slack Channel, do not hesitate to open an issue for any question you might have. We're always more than happy to hear any feedback, and we don't care what kind of form they are.


You can find example applications built using Vuex ORM at;


Vuex ORM can be extended via plugins to add additional features. Here is a list of available plugins.

Also, you can find a list of awesome things related to Vuex ORM at Awesome Vuex ORM.


We are excited that you are interested in contributing to Vuex ORM! Anything from raising an issue, submitting an idea of a new feature, or making a pull request is welcome! Before submitting your contribution though, please make sure to take a moment and read through the following guidelines.

Pull Request Guidelines

When submitting a new pull request, please make sure to follow these guidelines:

  • For feature requests: Checkout a topic branch from dev branch, and merge back against dev branch.
  • For bug fixes: Checkout a topic branch from master branch, and merge back against master branch.

These rules also apply to the documentation. If you're submitting documentation about a new feature that isn't released yet, you must checkout the dev branch, but for non-functional updates, such as fixing a typo, you may checkout and commit to the master branch.


There are several scripts to help with development.

$ yarn build

Compile files and generate bundles in dist directory.

$ yarn lint

Lint files using a rule of Standard JS.

$ yarn test

Run the test using Jest.

$ yarn test:watch

Run the test in watch mode.

$ yarn test:perf

Run the performance test.

$ yarn coverage

Generate test coverage in coverage directory.

$ yarn docs

Build and boot documentation server with VuePress.


The Vuex ORM is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT License.