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Here to provide the interface so you can control the results.

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Getting Started

1/ Include the javascript. Best practices recommend doing this at the bottom of your page's body.

<script src="./autocomplete.js"></script>

2/ Include the CSS, usually in your page's head.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="./autocomplete-lite.css"/>

3/ Create an Autocomplete instance with all your desired settings.

const AC = new Autocomplete({ limit: 10, minInputLength: 1 });

4/ Use the instance to bind handlers to inputs

AC(document.getElementById("ajax"), function achandler(query, callback) {
    const url = "" + query + "?api_key=API_KEY";
    fetch(url).then(function(response) {
        return response.json();
    }).then(function(json) {
        callback( word => word.word ) );

Defining your handler

Every input is bound to a handler function that will create the results displayed in the UI. This function will be called when a search for a term needs to be done.

The handler function will receive two parameters:

  • query is the search text
  • and callback to return your results as
    • an array of strings (can be HTML)
    • an array of objects

Item format

If you want to get fancy, there are a few more options for items. Text would be the only required field for these.

  text: "What is displayed",
  href: "optional url to go to when this item is selected",
  sub: "optional smaller subtitle"

You can also create section headers like so:

{ header: "Fruits and Vegetables" }


Option Default Description
delay 250 Debounce rate for input: handlers are triggered this many milliseconds after the last character is typed
limit 20 Max number of results to display
loadingString "Loading..." String that is displayed while waiting for results. HTML welcome.
minInputLength 3 Minimum number of characters that need to be typed before a search is made
rtl false RTL tries to anchor to the right edge of the input instead of the left


For default fuzzy searching on a static list of strings, you can use Autocomplete.static to create a handler for you.

1/ Include the Autocomplete.static plugin

<script src="./autocomplete-static.js"></script>

2/ Use Autocomplete.static to create your handler

const animals = ['aardvark','albatross','alligator','alpaca','ant','anteater'...];
AC(document.getElementById("static"), Autocomplete.static(animals));

Autocomplete.static fires the callback and returns the results normally.


Autocomplete.static(set, [limit], [key]);
Option Default Description
set Array of strings or objects you want to search.
limit 20 Optional. Number of items to return.
key undefined Optional. When objects are passed, this key is used for text comparison.