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// +build !wasm
package vugu
import (
var _ Env = (*JSEnv)(nil) // assert type
// JSEnv is responsible for rendering (efficiently synchronizing) HTML in the browser in a WebAssembly application.
// Browser calls are performed using syscall/js. Various internal hashing and other optimizations are performed
// to attempt to make rendering as effience as possible. If used outside of a wasm program all methods will panic.
type JSEnv struct {
MountParent string // query selector
DebugWriter io.Writer // write debug information about render details to this Writer if not nil
// NewJSEnv returns a new instance with the specified mountParent (CSS selector of where in the HTML the ouptut will go),
// the root component instance, and any other component types available.
func NewJSEnv(mountParent string, rootInst *ComponentInst, components ComponentTypeMap) *JSEnv {
panic(errors.New("JSEnv is only available in wasm"))
// RegisterComponentType assigns a component type to a tag name.
func (e *JSEnv) RegisterComponentType(tagName string, ct ComponentType) {
panic(errors.New("JSEnv is only available in wasm"))
// EventWait blocks until an event occurs and re-rendering is needed.
// Returns true unless the browser has gone away and the program should exit.
func (e *JSEnv) EventWait() bool {
panic(errors.New("JSEnv is only available in wasm"))
// Render is where the magic happens and your root component instance has its virtual DOM rendered and synchronized to the browser DOM.
// Render attempts to perform as few operations as possible and uses hashing to avoid unnecessary work.
// Component instances of children of the root component (referenced with HTML tags that have the components tag name),
// are managed as rendering occurs. Child components are created according to a hash of their properties and are recreated
// if their position in the DOM changes OR if their properties (HTML attributes on the referencing tag) change.
// Render is normally called in a loop with EventWait() being used to block until re-rendering is needed.
func (e *JSEnv) Render() error {
panic(errors.New("JSEnv is only available in wasm"))
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