Port of http://babylonjs.com/ 3D engine to Haxe.
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BabylonHx Demos

vr materials sample ProceduralTextures Fresnel DisplacementMap heightmap basic2 CSGDemo Collisions EasingFunctions Environment Intersections basicscene bloom bumpmap lensflare ribbon shadows2 godrays refraction physics2
<a href="http://babylonhx.github.io/ssao/" target="_blank" />
	<img src="http://babylonhx.github.io/ssao/ssao-sm.jpg" alt="ssao"   />
<a href="http://babylonhx.github.io/fog/" target="_blank" />
	<img src="http://babylonhx.github.io/fog/fog-sm.jpg" alt="fog"   />
<a href="http://babylonhx.github.io/volumetriclighting/" target="_blank" />
	<img src="http://babylonhx.github.io/volumetriclighting/volumetriclighting-sm.jpg" alt="volumetriclighting"   />
<a href="http://babylonhx.github.io/CustomRenderTarget/" target="_blank" />
	<img src="http://babylonhx.github.io/CustomRenderTarget/CustomRenderTarget-sm.jpg"  alt="CustomRenderTarget"  />
<a href="http://babylonhx.github.io/clouds/" target="_blank" />
	<img src="http://babylonhx.github.io/clouds/clouds-sm.jpg" alt="clouds"   />
<a href="http://babylonhx.github.io/ForestOfPythagoras/" target="_blank" />
	<img src="http://babylonhx.github.io/ForestOfPythagoras/ForestOfPythagoras-sm.jpg" alt="ForestOfPythagoras"   />
<a href="http://babylonhx.github.io/audioanalyzer/" target="_blank" />
	<img src="http://babylonhx.github.io/audioanalyzer/audioanalyzer-sm.jpg" alt="audioanalyzer"   />
<a href="http://babylonhx.github.io/instances2/" target="_blank" />
	<img src="http://babylonhx.github.io/instances2/instances2-sm.jpg" alt="instances2"   />
<a href="http://babylonhx.github.io/water/" target="_blank" />
	<img src="http://babylonhx.github.io/water/water-sm.jpg"  alt="water"  />
<a href="http://babylonhx.github.io/instances/" target="_blank" />
	<img src="http://babylonhx.github.io/instances/instances-sm.jpg" alt="instances"   />


BabylonHx is a direct port of BabylonJs engine to Haxe, compatible with Snow, Lime and NME. It supports (almost) all features of the original.

API documentation - http://babylonhx.github.io/api/com/babylonhx/index.html

Usage instructions:

Download complete repo. Navigate to the folder where files are downloaded.

To build for Snow run from command line:

haxelib run flow run web

To build for Lime run from command line:

haxelib run lime run project.xml html5

To build for NME run from command line:

haxelib run nme run project.nmml windows

You should see this in your browser when build is done: Alt text

Snow binaries are located in bin_snow folder and Lime binaries are located in bin_lime folder.

You can get assets required by other samples from Babylon.js samples repo https://github.com/BabylonJS/Samples

Visit http://babylonhx.com/ for more info about the engine.