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This is Salt Master App
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This is docker project for run Salt Master as container app.

How it's work

  1. Download project:

    git clone

  2. Install docker and docker-compose on your system

  3. Create and start container:

    cd docker-salt/

    docker-compose up -d

  4. Put your base states to states/ and restart container

  5. For stop, start, restart containers run:

    docker-compose stop [container]

    docker-compose start [container]

    docker-compose restart [container]

  6. For register clients run:

    docker exec salt-master salt-key -a CLIENT-HOSTNAME -y

  7. After this you can check clients running:

    docker exec salt-master salt '*'

  8. Put your receipts to /states and run:

    docker exec salt-master salt '*' state.highstate

  9. For full manage run:

    docker exec salt-master -ti /bin/bash

Share dirs

states - Salt states files

Useful links

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