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Damn Vulnerable IoT Device
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Damn Vulnerable IoT Device - The first opensource vulnerable designed IoT device

/!\ This project is currently in development /!\

All details are available on DVID website :

Project overview

This IoT device is designed by my own and published on OpenSource. The main objective is to provide to each interrested people a vulnerable board to improve their skill in IoT hacking.

The board core is composed by a Atmega328p and a OLED screen. For each vulnerabilities, a firmware could be flashed on the Atmega328p in order to offer a specific vulnerable environment.

There is also connection port like UART, Bluetooth, 2,4Ghz and Wifi. In each vulnerability, a specific extension board must be plugged to the board.

Hacking required attacks tools like USBasp and USBuart.


You can buy the board on marketplace (available soon) or build it yourself with Gerber files. The board is shipped with theses three packages :

  • Board only and component reference : Naked board only. You must buy all component yourself and solder all component.
  • Soldered board without attack component and extention : Soldered board but you must buy all external tools like USBuart, USBasp, extention board.
  • Full package : Everything needed (soldered board, external board and attack tools).

Part list

Part Quantity Total Cost Buying link
Board 1 3€ Available soon or build yourself :)
Jumper Double Row Female 2x4P 2 0,5€
Jumper Single Row Male 4 0,5€
28 pins socket (for atmega328p) 1 0,5€
PCB screw to oled screen 4 0,5€
Oled Screen 4Pin white 1 5€
Atmega328p 1 3€
5V to 3V power supply 1 1€
16Mhz resonator 1 0,5€
Status led 1 0,5€
Total 15€

Attack tools and extention board

Part Quantity Total Cost Buying link
UsbUART 1 3€
UsbASP + 6P adapter 1 4€
JDY-18 BLE module 1 4€
CSR BLE adapter 1 4€
Jumper Wire female female 1 2€
Total 18€
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