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Fiscal source specs for OpenSpending Data Importers
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OpenSpending Source Specs

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This repository contains fiscal.source-spec.yaml files for use by os-data-importers, to automate the uploading of fiscal data to OpenSpending.

Pipeline status

Country Status
Burkina Faso Burkina Faso
Croatia Croatia
Dominican Republic Dominican Republic
Guatemala Guatemala
Mexico Mexico
Uruguay Uruguay

How can I contribute fiscal specs?

To update or add new specs, fork this repository, and create a directory for your country within the appropriate top-level directory, then add a valid fiscal.source-spec.yaml file. The fiscal spec file defines data sources and processing steps for use by os-data-importers to download, process, and create a fiscal datapackage for OpenSpending.

Please submit changes via a Pull Request to this repository. All fiscal.source-spec.yaml files must validate against the schema.json json-schema file before they can be merged.

You can test your fiscal spec by creating a Pull Request, or locally with the node application pajv:

$ npm install -g pajv
$ pajv -s schema.json -d "<continent>/<country>/fiscal.source-spec.yaml"

Or all the fiscal specs with:

$ pajv -s schema.json -d "**/fiscal.source-spec.{yaml,yml}"
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