bash script for managing NVIDIA web drivers on macOS
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Bash script for managing NVIDIA's web drivers on macOS High Sierra and later with an option to set the required build number in NVDAStartupWeb.kext and NVDAEGPUSupport.kext.

bash <(curl -s

Changes in 1.5

  • Preferred method of running incompatible drivers is the WhateverGreen ngfxcompat=1 boot argument
  • Auto-adding of the Clover patch has been moved to the GUI app here where it is a better fit
  • Auto-staging of GPU companion bundles is deterministic based on your current configuration
  • New --stage option to override deterministic behaviour
  • Single file to download, run and modify
  • Runs on 10.14 Mojave beta, now wait for drivers from NVIDIA


Install with Homebrew

brew tap vulgo/repo
brew install

Update to the latest release

brew upgrade

Example Usage


Install the latest drivers


Installs/updates to the latest available NVIDIA web drivers for your current version of macOS.

Choose from a list of drivers

webdriver --list

Displays a list of driver versions, choose one to download and install it.

Install from local package or URL

webdriver FILE

Installs the drivers from package FILE on the local filesystem.

webdriver -u URL

Downloads the package at URL and installs the drivers within. There is a nice list of available URLs maintained here.

Uninstall drivers

webdriver --remove

Removes NVIDIA's web drivers from your system.

Patch NVDAStartupWeb Info.plist for a different version of macOS

webdriver -m [BUILD]

Modifies the installed driver's NVDARequiredOS Info.plist property. If no [BUILD] is provided for option -m, the installed macOS's build version string will be used.

Show help

webdriver --help

Displays help, lists options.

Web Interface

License is free software licensed under the terms of the GPL version 3 or later.