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// Copyright (c) 2017 The vulkano developers
// Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0
//> or the MIT
// license <LICENSE-MIT or>,
// at your option. All files in the project carrying such
// notice may not be copied, modified, or distributed except
// according to those terms.
//! This example contains the source code of the third part of the guide at
//! It is not commented, as the explanations can be found in the guide itself.
extern crate image;
extern crate vulkano;
use image::ImageBuffer;
use image::Rgba;
use vulkano::buffer::BufferUsage;
use vulkano::buffer::CpuAccessibleBuffer;
use vulkano::command_buffer::AutoCommandBufferBuilder;
use vulkano::command_buffer::CommandBuffer;
use vulkano::device::Device;
use vulkano::device::DeviceExtensions;
use vulkano::format::ClearValue;
use vulkano::format::Format;
use vulkano::image::Dimensions;
use vulkano::image::StorageImage;
use vulkano::instance::Features;
use vulkano::instance::Instance;
use vulkano::instance::InstanceExtensions;
use vulkano::instance::PhysicalDevice;
use vulkano::sync::GpuFuture;
fn main() {
let instance = Instance::new(None, &InstanceExtensions::none(), None)
.expect("failed to create instance");
let physical = PhysicalDevice::enumerate(&instance).next().expect("no device available");
let queue_family = physical.queue_families()
.find(|&q| q.supports_graphics())
.expect("couldn't find a graphical queue family");
let (device, mut queues) = {
Device::new(physical, &Features::none(), &DeviceExtensions::none(),
[(queue_family, 0.5)].iter().cloned()).expect("failed to create device")
let queue =;
// Image creation
let image = StorageImage::new(device.clone(), Dimensions::Dim2d { width: 1024, height: 1024 },
Format::R8G8B8A8Unorm, Some(;
// Clearing an image
let buf = CpuAccessibleBuffer::from_iter(device.clone(), BufferUsage::all(),
(0 .. 1024 * 1024 * 4).map(|_| 0u8))
.expect("failed to create buffer");
let command_buffer = AutoCommandBufferBuilder::new(device.clone(),
.clear_color_image(image.clone(), ClearValue::Float([0.0, 0.0, 1.0, 1.0])).unwrap()
.copy_image_to_buffer(image.clone(), buf.clone()).unwrap()
let finished = command_buffer.execute(queue.clone()).unwrap();
// Exporting the result
let buffer_content =;
let image = ImageBuffer::<Rgba<u8>, _>::from_raw(1024, 1024, &buffer_content[..]).unwrap();"image.png").unwrap();