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Vulmap Linux

Online local vulnerability scanner for Linux systems. Find installed packages on the host, ask their vulnerabilities to API and print vulnerabilities with available exploits. All found exploits can be downloaded by Vulmap.

Vulmap Linux is part of Vulmap Local Vulnerability Scanners Project


Screenshot from terminal

Screenshot-2 from terminal

Recommended Platform and Python Version

Vulmap currently only supports linux platforms and Python2

  • The recommended version for Python 2 is 2.7.x

  • Compatible with Linux distros uses dpkg


git clone

Run in default mode



Default mode. Check vulnerabilities of installed packages.

Short Form Long Form Description
-v --verbose Enable the verbose mode and display results in realtime
-d --download <exploit_id> to download a specific exploit
-a --all-download Download all found exploits
-h --help Show the help message and exit


  • To list all the basic options and switches use -h switch:
python -h
  • Run in default mode:
  • Enable the verbose mode:
python -v
  • To download of all found exploits:
python -a
  • To download a specific exploit:
python -d <exploit_id>

python -d EDB20
python -d EDB8310


Current version is 1.0


Vulmap is licensed under the GNU GPL license. Take a look at the LICENSE for more information.

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