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Vulnerability scanner based on search API
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Burp Suite scanner plugin based on vulnerability database API

  • Search fingerprints in http response (inspired by plugin "Software Version Reporter") and check found version in vulnerability database
  • [Experemental] Check unique URLs in finding exploits for such paths

If Vulners Plugin detects vulnerable software it will show you CVE, advisoroies and even applicable exploits!

How to use

Burp Vulners plugin Tutorial Video


  • Burp Suite - Professional Edition
  • Java 1.7
  • Maven


  1. Clone repository
  2. From command line run
    mvn package
  3. find burp-vulners-scanner.jar in /target folder
  4. open Burp Suite -> Extender -> Add -> path to plugin.jar


Ready to install build burp-vulners-scanner.jar

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