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🍣 Nigiri Bitcoin

Nigiri provides a command line interface that manages a selection of docker-compose batteries included to have ready-to-use bitcoin regtest development environment, with a bitcoin node, electrum explorer both backend and frontend user interface.

It offers a JSON HTTP proxy passtrough that adds to the explorer handy endpoints like /faucet and automatic block generation when calling the /tx pushing a transaction.

You can have Lightning with --ln flag and/or Elements with the --liquid flag.

No time to make a Nigiri yourself?

Pre-built binary

  • Download and install nigiri command line interface
$ curl | bash

This will also install several configurable files, such as bitcoin.conf and elements.conf, that can be edited. These can be found browsing the following directory:

POSIX (Linux/BSD): ~/.nigiri

macOS: $HOME/Library/Application\ Support/Nigiri

Windows: %LOCALAPPDATA%\Nigiri

Plan 9: $home/nigiri

  • Lauch Docker daemon (Mac OSX)
$ open -a Docker

You may want to Manage Docker as a non-root user

  • Close and reopen your terminal, then start Bitcoin and Liquid
$ nigiri start --liquid

That's it.

Go to http://localhost:5000 for quickly inspect the Bitcoin blockchain or http://localhost:5001 for Liquid.

Note for users of macOS Monterey an onward

Show more... When trying to start Nigiri, you might get an error similar to the following:
Error response from daemon: Ports are not available: listen tcp bind: address already in use 
exit status 1

This is due to AirPlay Receiver using port 5000, conflicting with Esplora trying to run using the very same port.

There are two ways to deal with this issue:

  1. Uncheck AirPlay Receiver in System Preferences β†’ Sharing β†’ AirPlay Receiver
  2. Change Esplora’s port to something other than 5000. This can be done by changing it in docker-compose.yml found in your data directory. If you previously tried starting Nigiri getting an error – you might have to run nigiri stop --delete before restarting it.


At the moment bitcoind, elements and electrs are started on regtest network.

Start nigiri

$ nigiri start
  • Use the --liquid flag to let you do experiments with the Liquid sidechain. A liquid daemon and a block explorer are also started when passing this flag.

  • Use the --ln flag to start a Core Lightning node, a LND node and a Tap daemon.

Stop nigiri

$ nigiri stop

Use the --delete flag to not just stop Docker containers but also to remove them and delete the config file and any new data written in volumes.

Generate and send bitcoin to given address

# Bitcoin
$ nigiri faucet <bitcoin_address>
## Fund the Core Lightning node
$ nigiri faucet cln 0.01

## Fund the LND node
$ nigiri faucet lnd 0.01

# Elements
$ nigiri faucet --liquid <liquid_address>

Send Liquid asset to given address

$ nigiri faucet --liquid <liquid_address> <amt> <liquid_asset>

Liquid only Issue and send a given quantity of an asset

$ nigiri mint <liquid_address> 1000 VulpemToken VLP

Broadcast a raw transaction and automatically generate a block

# Bitcoin
$ nigiri push <hex>

# Elements
$ nigiri push --liquid <hex>

Check the logs of Bitcoin services

# Bitcoind
$ nigiri logs bitcoin
# Electrs
$ nigiri logs electrs
# Chopsticks
$ nigiri logs chopsticks

Check the logs of Liquid services

# Elementsd
$ nigiri logs liquid
# Electrs Liquid
$ nigiri logs electrs-liquid
# Chopsticks Liquid
$ nigiri logs chopsticks-liquid

Check the logs of Lightning services

# Core Lightning
$ nigiri logs cln
$ nigiri logs lnd

Use the Bitcoin CLI inside the box

$ nigiri rpc getnewaddress "" "bech32"

Use the Elements CLI inside the box

$ nigiri rpc --liquid getnewaddress "" "bech32"

Use the Core Lightning & LND CLIs inside the box

# Core Lightning
$ nigiri cln listpeers
$ nigiri lnd listpeers
# Tap (Taro)
$ nigiri tap assets list

Connect Core Lightning to LND

$ nigiri cln connect `nigiri lnd getinfo | jq -r .identity_pubkey`@lnd:9735

Open a channel between cln and lnd

$ nigiri lnd openchannel --node_key=`nigiri cln getinfo | jq -r .id` --local_amt=100000

Run in headless mode (without Esplora)

If you are looking to spin-up Nigiri in Travis or Github Action you can use the --ci flag.

$ nigiri start --ci [--liquid] [--ln]

Update the docker images

$ nigiri update

Nigiri uses the default directory ~/.nigiri to store configuration files and docker-compose files. To set a custom directory use the --datadir flag.

Run the help command to see the full list of available flags.

Make from scratch




Preparation Time: 5 min Cooking Difficulty: Easy
  • Clone the repo:
$ git clone
  • Enter project directory and install dependencies:
$ make install
  • Build binary
$ make build

Done! You should be able to find the binary in the local ./build folder. Give it permission to execute and move/rename into your PATH.

  • Clean

Remeber to always clean Nigiri before running install to upgrade to a new version.

$ make clean

Nutrition Facts

Chopsticks service exposes on port 3000 (and on 3001 if started with --liquid flag) all Esplora's available endpoints and extends them with the following:

Bitcoin & Liquid

  • POST /faucet which expects a body { "address": <receiving_address> }
  • POST /tx has been extended to automatically mine a block when is called.

Liquid only

  • POST /mint which expects a body {"address": "ert1q90dz89u8eudeswzynl3p2jke564ejc2cnfcwuq", "quantity": 1000, "name":"VULPEM", "ticker":"VLP"}
  • POST /registry to get extra info about one or more assets like name and ticker which expects a body with an array of assets {"assets": ["2dcf5a8834645654911964ec3602426fd3b9b4017554d3f9c19403e7fc1411d3"]}


If you really do love Sathoshi's favourite dish like us at Vulpem Ventures, check the real recipe out and enjoy your own, delicious, hand made nigiri sushi.