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Babel + Electron + React + Browserify + Sass application stack. Gets the stupid work done so you can actually make something.

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What stupid work, exactly?

  • Build your app with one command.
  • Open a live-reloading instance of your app with another command.
  • Lint your app using a third command.

How to get started

The specialized git clone command and following rm -rf .git ensure that the git history of jolteon is not replicated so that you can enter your new jolteon project and git init a new project with new remotes, new history, etc. gulp-cli is required to run gulp and electron-prebuilt is installed to be able to test your project locally without gulp package every time (via gulp serve).

You may also want to rm -rf this README.md after you're all set up and replace it with the README for your project.

npm install -g gulp-cli electron-prebuilt
git clone --depth=1 --branch=master https://github.com/vulpino/jolteon my-jolteon-project
cd my-jolteon-project
rm -rf .git
npm install
gulp serve

If you're on windows...

gulp package-osx will fail because symlinks. Sorry. Blame gulp-atom-electron.

Directory Structure

  • Your client HTML lives in app/.
  • Your client javascript lives in app/js/.
  • Your client SCSS lives in app/scss.
  • Your react components live in app/js/components/.
  • Your electron server code lives in src/.
  • Everything is programmed using Javascript, the new, cool kind (ES2015).


  • Build the client and server bundles: gulp build
  • Watch app/ and src/ for changes and update build/ automagically: gulp watch
  • Lint everything (We use StandardJS, but you can modify the .eslintrc): gulp lint
  • Open up the app: gulp serve. This will also live reload everything, so don't worry about that.
  • Package the app for release: gulp package.