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Vultr Driver Plugin for Docker Machine
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Vultr Driver Plugin for docker-machine.


docker-machine is required, see the installation documentation.

Then, install the docker-machine-driver-vultr driver.

Installing from source

If you would rather build from source, you will need to have a working go 1.11+ environment,

eval $(go env)
export PATH="$PATH:$GOPATH/bin"

You can then install docker-machine from source by running:

go get
cd $GOPATH/src/
make build

And then compile the docker-machine-driver-vultr driver:

go get
cd $GOPATH/src/
make install


You will need a Vultr APIv4 Personal API key. Is only available in members area, you need to create an account ( to get there

docker-machine create -d vultr --vultr-api-key=<vultr-api-key> <machine-name>


Argument Env Default Description
vultr-api-key VULTR_API_KEY None required Vultr API key (see here)
vultr-server-type VULTR_SERVER_TYPE 1 Vultr Server Type ( 1-SSD, 2-BareMetal, 3-DedicatedCloud)
vultr-dc-id VULTR_DC_ID 1 (New Jersey) VPS DCID (Region) (see here)
vultr-vps-plan-id VULTR_VPS_PLAN_ID 201 (1024 MB RAM,25 GB SSD,1.00 TB BW) VPS Plan ID (see here)
vultr-os-id VULTR_OS_ID 270 (Ubuntu 18.04 x64) VPS Operating System ID (see here)
vultr-ipxe-chain-url VULTR_IPXE_CHAIN_URL None (optional) If you've selected the 'custom' operating system, this can be set to chainload the specified URL on bootup, via iPXE
vultr-iso-id VULTR_ISO_ID None (optional) If you've selected the 'custom' operating system, this is the ID of a specific ISO to mount during the deployment
vultr-script-id VULTR_SCRIPT_ID None (optional) If you've not selected a 'custom' operating system, this can be the SCRIPTID of a startup script to execute on boot
vultr-snapshot-id VULTR_SNAPSHOT_ID None (optional) If you've selected the 'snapshot' operating system, this should be the SNAPSHOTID (see v1/snapshot/list) to restore for the initial installation
vultr-app-id VULTR_APP_ID None (optional) If launching an application (OSID 186), this is the APPID to launch
vultr-reserved-ip-v4 VULTR_RESERVED_IP_V4 None (optional) IP address of the floating IP to use as the main IP of this server
vultr-ip-v6 VULTR_IP_V6 None (optional) If true, an IPv6 subnet will be assigned to the machine (where available)
vultr-auto-backups VULTR_AUTO_BACKUPS None (optional) If true, automatic backups will be enabled for this server (these have an extra charge associated with them)
vultr-private-network VULTR_PRIVATE_NETWORK None (optional) If true, private networking support will be added to the new server
vultr-network-id VULTR_NETWORK_ID None (optional) List of private networks to attach to this server. Use either this field or enable_private_network, not both
vultr-notify-activate VULTR_NOTIFY_ACTIVATE None (optional) If true, an activation email will be sent when the server is ready
vultr-ddos-protection VULTR_DDOS_PROTECTION None (optional) If true, DDOS protection will be enabled on the subscription (there is an additional charge for this)
vultr-userdata VULTR_USERDATA None (optional) Base64 encoded user-data
vultr-label VULTR_LABEL None (optional) This is a text label that will be shown in the control panel
vultr-hostname VULTR_HOSTNAME None (optional) The hostname to assign to this server
vultr-tag VULTR_TAG None (optional) The tag to assign to this server
vultr-firewall-group-id VULTR_FIREWALL_GROUP_ID None (optional) The firewall group to assign to this server
vultr-sshkey-id VULTR_SSHKEY_ID None (optional) List of SSH keys to apply to this server on install (only valid for Linux/FreeBSD)
vultr-docker-port VULTR_DOCKER_PORT 2376 (optional) Vultr Docker port
vultr-ssh-port VULTR_SSH_PORT 22 (optional) SSH Port
vultr-ssh-user VULTR_SSH_USER root (optional) SSH User


Detailed run output will be emitted when using the docker-machine --debug option.

docker-machine --debug  create -d vultr --vultr-api-key=<vultr-api-key> machinename


Simple Example

docker-machine create -d vultr --vultr-api-key=<vultr-api-key> vultr
eval $(docker-machine env vultr)
$ docker-machine ls
NAME      ACTIVE   DRIVER   STATE     URL                         SWARM   DOCKER     ERRORS
vultr     -        vultr    Running   tcp://           v19.03.5 

$ docker-machine rm vultr
About to remove vultr
WARNING: This action will delete both local reference and remote instance.
Are you sure? (y/n): y
Successfully removed vultr
You can’t perform that action at this time.