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Demonstrates how to show a webview in AR using AR Foundation and Vuplex 3D WebView
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AR Foundation WebView Example

This Unity project demonstrates how to interact with web content in augmented reality using AR Foundation and Vuplex 3D WebView. It's a fork of the Unity AR Foundation Samples repo that adds a scene named ArWebViewDemoScene.


Instructions for building

  1. Download Unity 2019.1 or later

  2. Open Unity and load the project at the root of the ar-foundation-webview-example repository

  3. Import Vuplex 3D WebView

  4. Select Android or iOS as the platform

  5. Build ArWebViewDemoScene and run it on your device

Steps taken to create this project

  1. Forked the Unity AR Foundation Samples repo

  2. Imported Vuplex 3D WebView (.gitignore)

  3. Made a copy of SampleUXScene named ArWebViewDemoScene (3efff2e)

  4. Made copies of PlaceMultipleObjectsOnPlane.cs and UIManager.cs named PlaceWebViewOnPlane.cs and WebViewDemoUIManager.cs (517f20e)

  5. Updated those scripts to place a WebViewPrefab and Keyboard in the scene when the screen is tapped (8332347)

  6. Made the following changes in the scene to allow the webview and keyboard to be controlled by touching them (8332347)

    • Added a Physics Raycaster to the AR Camera
    • Updated MoveDeviceAnimation and TapToPlaceAnimation to disable their images' "Raycast Target" option
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