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Oculus WebView Example

This Unity project demonstrates how to use the Vuplex 3D WebView asset with Oculus Quest, Oculus Go, and Gear VR. It includes the Oculus Integration package, so the only thing you must import is the 3D WebView for Android plugin.


Steps taken to create this project

  1. Created a new Unity project
  2. Installed v1.37 of the Oculus Integration package from the Asset Store
  3. Imported the Vuplex 3D WebView asset (.gitignore)
  4. Made a few updates to OVRInputModule.cs (based on this blog post) to add support for controllers (f2531f1)
  5. Added an OculusWebViewDemoScene to combine the WebViewPrefab and Keyboard from the Vuplex 3D WebView asset with the Oculus camera rig and input system (3b04776)


The Oculus Integration library located in Assets/Oculus is Copyright © Facebook Technologies, LLC and its affiliates. All rights reserved. The Oculus Integration Library is licensed under the Oculus SDK License.

All other code and assets are Copyright © Vuplex, Inc and licensed under the MIT License.

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