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BinView is a multiplatform Qt-based application that displays binary file contents in hexadecimal, octal, decimal and text formats. It is fast and opens files of any size (no 4GB limit) in constant time.

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GifDotNet is a .NET class library for processing GIF images. Examples include GifDump, a console application for dumping GIF file structure.

More Details  ‐  Source Code


GpAlbum is a program that downloads entire photo album from Google+.

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Morse MC is program that uses Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 or Microsoft Lync status to transmit messages in Morse code.

More Details  ‐  Source Code


QNC is a multiplatform Qt-based shell application.

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RsLinks is a Firefox add-on that copies to Clipboard or downloads all RapidShare links from the current page with one mouse click. It also strikes out broken RapidShare links and shows number of valid and broken RapidShare links in the Firefox statusbar.

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