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Welcome to the YleTtv project

YleTtv is a C# class library that works with YLE teletext (teksti-TV) API.

YLE is Finland's national public broadcasting company.

YleTtv is a side project for one of my Windows Phone applications. // TODO: add a link here when it is published

What's inside

  • src/YleTtv - C# class library itself. I believe that some day I'll make a good documentation for that. Meanwhile you can look at the code example below and at source code.

  • src/YleTxtTextTester - test application I use in development.

  • src/YleTtvTextReader - console application for reading YLE teletext. Use keyboard Up and Down buttons to navigate between pages, use Left and Right buttons to navigate between sub-pages, type page number to jump to it, or press Escape to exit.

Code example

YleTtvPage[] pages;
    YleTtvCachingReader reader = new YleTtvCachingReader(apiKey);
    pages = reader.Read(100);
catch (Exception ex)
    Console.WriteLine("Error reading teletext: {0}", ex.Message);

foreach (YleTtvPage page in pages)
    Console.WriteLine("Page {0}", page.Number);

    foreach (YleTtvSubpage subpage in page.Subpages)
        Console.WriteLine("Subpage {0}/{1}", subpage.Number, page.Subpages.Length);

        foreach (String textLine in subpage.TextLines)


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