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#Code used for MineSweeper project and results

##Setting up

  1. Clone the repo
  2. Run
  3. Run
  4. Compile wabt tool : (Make sure it generates binary file wabt/bin/wasm2wat)
  5. Compile Chromium browser enabling debug flags so that you can use dump-wasm-module JS flag to dump wasm module or use this version :
  6. Update the config.json file

##Runing MineSweeper tool

python -t <url>

##Testing the code locally

To test the code locally, first run a drive-by mining webapplication using following step.

cd test-miner-app
python . 

Then run the minesweeper to analyze the drive-by mining webapplication that you hosted locally. We tested this code on Ubuntu 16.04.

python -t <url>

You can download the crawled data from the drive-by mining websites here:


This code is only for testing purposes. You are responsible for protecting yourself, your property and data, and others from any risks caused by this code.