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This implements a 64-bit version of vusec/vuzzer fuzzing tool.
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VUzzer(64) Version 1.0


This VUzzer is basically a 64-bit version of the original VUzzer ( We have made several changes to make it work on 64-bit. Main efforts are made by Vivek (githubID: vivek425ster) to lift LibDFT to work on 64-bit. This part is still in testing/development phase (which means taint analysis may have bugs!). Functionality wise, this version of VUzzer is same as the original 32-bit VUzzer (with few bugs fixed!).

Originally (in turn), this Project depends heavily on a modified version of DataTracker, which in turn depends on LibDFT pintool. It has some extra tags added in libdft. DataTracker original repo The modified code is included with this distribution.

Running the VUzzer:

Please see for a step-by-step procedure to run the VUzzer. This file also contains explanation for most of the options. Also read "datatemp/" for more information about the datasets and configurations that we used in original VUzzer paper. We have provided seed inputs for several applications in "datatemp" folder.

NOTE: VUzzer's taintflow analysis does not work on binaries compiled with sanitizers pass (e.g. address sanitizer). Therefore, do not involve VUzzer in an experiment where sanitizer enabled binaries are used.


The requirements for running VUzzer64 are:

  • A C++11 compiler and unix build utilities (e.g. GNU Make).
  • Version 3.7 of Intel Pin.
  • EWAGBoolArray 0.4.0: - To install it in your system just copy headers file(/path/to/EWAHBoolArray-0.4.0/headers) in /usr/include folder.
  • BitMagic: - To install it in your system do sudo apt-get install bmagic
  • BitVector module for python.
  • Ghidra RE tool -OR- IDA disassembler to run static analysis part of VUzzer -OR- Ashley (a MS student from Grenoble) visited VUSec as intern and developed a 'angr' ( based static analysis module. The code can be found at (yet to be populated!). However, it should be noted that we have not tested this script much and one can expect some glitches specially on large complex applications! If you have questions on this script, please direct them to Ashley.

We have tested VUzzer by running it on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, Linux 4.15.0 image.


Follow the steps to install VUzzer64:

0. cd vuzzer64
1. export PIN_HOME=path_to_pin_directory
2. export PIN_ROOT=path_to_pin_directory
3. export DFT_HOME=$(pwd)/libdft64
4. cd fuzzer-code
5. make
6. cd ../libdft64
7. make
9. cd ..

Follow to run VUzzer.

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