vutuv is a social network service to host and share information about humans and organizations.
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vutuv is a free, fast and open source social network service to host and share information about humans and organizations. It's hosted at Please have a look at our blog for more information about it.

Do you want to participate in the development?

Great! We encourage new developers to participate in this project. Even a one line fix or improvement makes a big difference. Please do not hesitate to contact if you have any questions. Otherwise just create a pull request. You find a document with additional information about this in the file

We use MIT License.

And please do add an issue for any problem or feature request.

We run a private Slack channel. Once you get involved by commiting code we'll invite you to it.

Development How-To

Vutuv is a Phoenix Framework application. Please install the following software first:

Make sure that your database configuration in config/dev.exs is correct.

Create your secret config

In order to compile your application, You'll need to create a secret.config file. This file isn't included with the source files. It wouldn't be secret if it was!

Go to the /config directory and create two files named dev.secret.exs and prod.secret.exs with this content:

use Mix.Config

Configure secret_key_base

You need to configure a secret_key_base for the cookies and sessions. The command mix phoenix.gen.secret will generate one for you but you have to create the configuration like this in the config/dev.secret.exs file:

use Mix.Config

config :vutuv, Vutuv.Endpoint,
  secret_key_base: "d6aaXKavOSzzyQXsLYpNqBE+h3qtzzwlXifVoxpPP6uoUYgTqpMzz8ISb1AETFZa"

Configure your SMTP setup

The system uses the Bamboo email library by thoughtbot to send emails via SMTP.


In the development environment emails are not sent to an actual SMTP server but displayed in the browser via Bamboo.EmailPreviewPlug. To see which emails have been sent, visit http://localhost:4000/sent_emails


The default setup is a local SMTP server on port 25 with no authentication. You can change this in config/prod.exs in the following section:

config :vutuv, Vutuv.Mailer,
  adapter: Bamboo.SMTPAdapter,
  server: "",
  port: 25,
  username: "",
  password: "",

For more information on the these settings, consult the bamboo docs.

Start the application

You should now be able to run the application by following the steps below.

$ cd vutuv
$ mix deps.get
$ mix deps.compile
$ npm install
$ mix ecto.create
$ mix ecto.migrate
$ mix phoenix.server

First steps in the application

You need to register as a new user on http://localhost:4000. Remember that the email to verify this new user will be accessible at https://localhost:4000/sent_emails

After creating a couple of example users you can login to them and connect to other others by browsing to their page and click on the "Follow" button.

To view the admin control panel, you'll need to flag your account as an admin. This can be done with the following sql query: update users set administrator = true where id = <user_id>; replacing <user_id> with your user id.

You can then view the admin control panel at http://localhost:4000/admin


We are glad to have some sponsors which help us to run

  • Github They host our git repository for free.
  • Travis CI They don't charge us for using their service.
  • Ghost Inspector They sponsor us with 1,000 test runs per month and access to premium features.
  • tiny png They initially sponsored us with 20,000 free hits to their image API.
  • BrowserStack They don't charge us for using their screenshot API.

In total those companies sponsor us with more than 500 USD every month. Thank you!