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The Vuzit system has to convert the documents to an HTML 5 compliant format so that it can be viewed in a web browser. This process can take some time so it’s recommended that your web application check the status codes after a new document has been added and check for any errors. Below is a listing of the important document status codes.

Conversion Status Codes

These codes are those that you’ll see when you’ve first uploaded a document to the system.

Status Type Status Code Full status description
NEW 0 Document has been added but not queued yet
CONVERT_QUEUED 1 Document has been queued for conversion
CONVERT_PROCESSING 2 Document is currently being converted
CONVERT_DEPLOYING 3 Document has converted successfully and is being deployed to the Vuzit cloud
COMPLETE 4 Document conversion has completed

Post-conversion Status Codes

These codes will only show up after a document has been completed. You will not very often see these codes.

Status Type Status Code Full status description
REMOVED 5 Document was deleted
ACCESS_QUEUED 6 Document public/private status update has been queued
ACCESS_PROCESSING 7 Document public/private status update is processing

Conversion Error Status Codes

These codes will occur if there is a problem converting a document. They are very specific so that it’s easier to determine what caused the problem. The error codes will always be between 100 – 200 to make it easier for developers to check for error codes.

Status Type Status Code Full status description
STANDARD_ERROR 101 General system error
UNSUPPORTED_FILE_TYPE 102 Document file type is not supported by Vuzit
EXCEEDS_MAX_FILE_SIZE 103 Document exceeds the maximum file size
DOWNLOAD_ERROR 104 Error occurred when download a document from the URL
DOCUMENT_ERROR 105 General document conversion error
UNCAUGHT_ERROR 106 Unknown conversion error
EXCEEDS_PAGE_LIMIT 107 Document exceeds the maximum number of pages
OFFICE_CONVERSION_ERROR 108 Office document failed to convert. Usually because of a bad document
DOWNLOAD_FORBIDDEN 110 Document could not be downloaded because it was forbidden
EXCEEDS_MAX_CONVERSION_TIME 111 Document took too long to convert