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Commits on Apr 21, 2010
  1. Removed the Document findAll results to only return minimal results a…

    bmatzelle committed Apr 21, 2010
    …nd added this option to the test script.
    Modified   lib/document.php
    * findAll: Removed the default "output" "summary" value so it returns minimal results by default.
    Modified   test/test.php
    * search_command: Added a check for the "O" command for output and reduced down the results page to not show null values like it was before.
Commits on Mar 28, 2010
  1. Added some extra error checking that looks for invalid document web IDs.

    bmatzelle committed Mar 28, 2010
    Modified   lib/base.php
    * Made Vuzit_Base an abstract class.
    Modified   lib/document.php
    * destroy, downloadUrl, find: Now throws an error when an invalid webId is sent in.
    Modified   lib/event.php
    * Set webId to null rather than -1 and switched the null message to match the other error messages.
    Modified   lib/page.php
    * findAll: Switched the null message to match the other error messages.
Commits on Feb 24, 2010
  1. Adds a consumer class for the pages API. Fixed the events API so that…

    bmatzelle committed Feb 24, 2010
    … it returns the proper data.
    Modified   README
    * Removed the documentation which shows the main function as findById.
    Modified   lib/base.php
    * parametersToUrl: Removed the resource, ID and extension parameters.  Now it just inputs a baseUrl parameter that the calling method provides.  It's much more flexible and fits with services like the page service.
    Modified   lib/document.php
    * Switched all methods to use the new parametersToUrl function.
    Modified   lib/event.php
    * findAll: Now uses the new parametersToUrl signature.  Now uses the nodeValue and NodeValueInt methods for loading the proper XML response.
    Modified   lib/service.php
    * Updated version number to 2.2.0.
    Added      lib/page.php
    * New class that consumes the Page API service to return page numbers and text.
    Modified   lib/vuzit.php
    * Added the page.php class file.
    Modified   test/index.html
    * Added notes for the page class.
    Modified   test/test.php
    * event_load_html: Now properly checks if the page number is -1 which means that there is no page present.
    * page_command: Loads and displays the page text information.
Commits on Feb 7, 2010
  1. Switched the code such that the results of the findAll method returns…

    bmatzelle committed Feb 7, 2010
    … the same values as the other Vuzit client libraries.
    Modified   README
    * Updated the developer link to the new version.
    Modified   lib/base.php
    * nodeValue: Returns the string value of an XML node or null if not set
    * nodeValueInt: Returns the integer value of an XML node or -1 if not set.
    Modified   lib/document.php
    * findAll: Set the default "output" to "summary" to return the most data.
    * xmlToDocument: Now it throws an exception if the web_id node is missing.  All integer fields now use the nodeValueInt function to return a -1 if they weren't set and nodeValue for string fields.
    Modified   test/test.php
    * search_command: Removed the setting of the "output" "summary".
Commits on Feb 4, 2010
  1. Added the new signature options support as well as watermark support.

    bmatzelle committed Feb 4, 2010
    Modified   LICENSE
    Modified   README
    * Updated copyright to 2009-2010
    Modified   lib/document.php
    * Added a "find" method which will deprecated the "findById" method.
    Modified   lib/service.php
    * signature: Now accepts an options array for included_pages, watermark and query.  The code is clean enough to add more options in the future.
    Modified   test/test.php
    * header_load,load_command: Added support for the watermark feature.
    Modified   lib/base.php
    * postParameters: Now uses the new signature method.
Commits on Feb 1, 2010
  1. Added the new search engine service API implementation. Increased the…

    bmatzelle committed Feb 1, 2010
    … document upload timeout to prevent large files from producing errors.
    Modified   lib/base.php
    * postParameters: Added the "query" parameter to the signature call.  Removed a comment which is no longer needed.
    Modified   lib/document.php
    * xmlToDocument: New method that converts an XML array to a Vuzit_Document instance.
    * findById: Now uses the xmlToDocument method.
    * findAll: Loads up a list of documents according to the passed in parameters.
    * getExcerpt: Loads up the document excerpt.
    * upload: Added a 5 minute timeout for large files.
    Modified   lib/service.php
    * signature: Added the $query parameter as needed by the API.
    * Updated the version number to 2.1.0.
    Modified   test/index.html
    * Added documentation about the new "search" sub-command.
    Modified   test/test.php
    * search_command: New command that returns a list of searched for documents.
    * header_load: Set the timestamp, id, sig and onload variables to null if there is no document.
Commits on Dec 21, 2009
  1. Made updates to rename the "value" data field to "custom".

    bmatzelle committed Dec 21, 2009
    Modified   lib/event.php
    * Renamed the "value" functions and values to "custom".
    Modified   test/index.html
    * Renamed "value" to "custom" and "cu".
    Modified   test/test.php
    * Renamed all code to getCustom and "custom".
Commits on Nov 10, 2009
  1. Improved the event HTML output for the test script.

    bmatzelle committed Nov 10, 2009
    Modified   test/test.php
    * event_load_html: Fixed the incorrect date format and cleaned up the rest of the formatting to make it easier to scan.
Commits on Nov 2, 2009
  1. Added a HTTP timeout to eliminate IIS problems and busy items. Made a…

    bmatzelle committed Nov 2, 2009
    … few small clean ups as well.
    Modified   README
    * Updated Javascript version numbers to 2.9.
    Modified   lib/base.php
    * curlRequest: Set the cURL HTTP timeout to 60 seconds to prevent IIS timeout or server busy timeout errors.
    Modified   lib/document.php
    * downloadUrl: Very small clean up to reduce a couple lines of code.
    Modified   lib/event.php
    * findAll: Very small clean up to reduce a couple lines of code.
Commits on Oct 23, 2009
  1. Added preview support, a getStatus method for the document class, opt…

    bmatzelle committed Oct 23, 2009
    …ion arrays are not converted to proper Vuzit parameters (such as Boolean).
    Modified   lib/base.php
    * parametersClean: Cleans parameters by switching all of the Boolean parameters to "1" and "0".
    * parametersToUrl: Now calls parametersClean.
    * postParameters: Creates a parameter array if one does not exist.  Added the "included_pages" parameter.  Calls the new signature function with the expanded parameters.
    Modified   lib/document.php
    * getStatus: Returns the document status.
    * destroy, upload: The code is now simplified thanks to the new postParameters code.
    * findById: Added a line to grab the status message.  Simplified because of postParameters method.
    Modified   lib/service.php
    * setServiceUrl: Throws an exception if there is a trailing slash on the end of the URL.
    * setUserAgent: Fixed the code so that it works correctly.
    * signature: Added the $pages and $label parameters and added them to the string to sign.
    Modified   test/test.php
    * Added page preview support and the accompanying Javascript to 2.9.
    * printArray: Method that prints out the contents of a hash table into a list for testing purposes.
    * Added printArray wherever there were options specified.
    * Added getStatus to the page load and secure support to the upload command.
Commits on Oct 18, 2009
  1. Upload and findById options were added, test class for extracting bro…

    bmatzelle committed Oct 18, 2009
    …wser name and version and the test HTML and CSV output data was greatly improved.
    Modified   lib/document.php
    * findById: Added an options hash so that parameters like the watermark and preview can be provided.
    * upload: Added an options hash for parameters like "download_document" and "download_pdf".
    Modified   lib/event.php
    * findAll: Removed the deprecated "m=find" parameter.
    Added      test/browser_info.php
    * New class that parses out the browser type from a User-Agent property.
    Modified   test/index.html
    * Added options to the "upload" command for "secure", "download_pdf" and "download_document".
    * Added options to the "load" command for "included_pages" and the watermark label.
    Modified   test/test.php
    * domain: New function that returns the domain of the service URL so that it can be applied to the Javascript class.
    * load_command, upload_command: Added parameter options as per the new interfaces.
    * event_load_csv: Improved the order of extracted data, added a short user agent and the duration value.
    * event_load_html: Improved the order of extracted data and added a short user agent.
Commits on Oct 17, 2009
  1. Added getDuration to the Vuzit_Event class and fixed findAll such tha…

    bmatzelle committed Oct 17, 2009
    …t it consumes the duration and the requested_at times appropriately. Cleaned up the test program with the new event data.
    Modified   lib/event.php
    * getDuration: New method that returns the duration of the request.
    * findAll: Made $webId a default parameter since it needs to be there.  Vuzit's security requires it.  Switched the XML code such that it loads "requested_at" as is in the specification.  Added the consumption of the "duration" XML value.
    Modified   test/test.php
    * Fixed the findAll method calls to match the new signature.
    * Made the HTML query results much easier to read with a simple list that's not split up.
  2. Added a downloadUrl method, updated the event test to use the new par…

    bmatzelle committed Oct 17, 2009
    …ameters for the local computer.
    Modified   lib/base.php
    * parametersToUrl: Added an extension parameter so that you can ask for a PDF or other file type.
    * Renamed both of the "params" methods to "parameters".
    Modified   lib/document.php
    * downloadUrl: New method that provides a download URL for documents such as PDF.
    Modified   lib/event.php
    * findAll: Switched the "id" parameter to "web_id".
    Modified   test/test.php
    * Added a Download PDF link with the new Vuzit_Document::downloadUrl function.
    * Expanded the parameters to use the new event values.
Commits on Oct 15, 2009
  1. Added CSV export support to the test tool, removed the deprecated doc…

    bmatzelle committed Oct 15, 2009
    …umentation and made a couple small fixes.
    Deleted    doc/README
    * Deprecated and removed.  Documentation is now on the wiki only.
    Modified   test/index.html
    * Added the "o" output parameter to the event command.
    Modified   test/location.php
    * Switched the include to the geo_location.php file.
    Modified   test/test.php
    * csv_line: Exports a set of array fields to a line of CSV text.  Designed to mimic the fputcsv PHP function but return the value in a string.
    * event_load_html: Loads the output of the event list as HTML.
    * event_load_csv: Loads the output of the event list as a CSV file.
    * event_command: Now checks the output switch to see which it should load.
Commits on Oct 14, 2009
  1. Switched all of the Vuzit_Service public static variables to getter a…

    bmatzelle committed Oct 14, 2009
    …nd setter functions to match the VuzitJava project because it's a better method of encapsulating variables.
Commits on Oct 11, 2009
  1. Added a true test framework where it's configurable based on the URL …

    bmatzelle committed Oct 11, 2009
    …so code does not need to be hacked. The Event class was updated a bit for the code changes that will come into effect in the coming days.
    Modified   lib/document.php
    * destroy: Added debugging to extract the error response if there is a problem.
    * findById: Converted all of the XML data to string or int types to prevent possible errors.
    Modified   lib/event.php
    * findAll: Removed the default $web_id variable because that will be optional.  Converted all of the XML data types to strings or int explicityly in case of problems.
    Added      test/test.php, test/destroy.php, test/event.php, test/test_include.php, test/upload.php
    * Deprecated and removed.
    Modified   test/index.html
    * Replaced the links with documentation for the new test.php file.
    Deleted    test/show.php
    * Command-line option-like file.  Whatever parameters are passed in it takes to execute a different section of code.  Now the project is finally easily configurable.
Commits on Oct 10, 2009
  1. Removed all public getter functions in the Document class and now the…

    bmatzelle committed Oct 10, 2009
    …y are set via private variables.
    Modified   README
    * Updated the code examples page to the new URL.
    Modified   lib/document.php
    * Removed all of the public instance setter functions.
    * upload, findById: All values are now set via the private instance variables from within upload and findById.
Commits on Oct 6, 2009
  1. Renamed the "Vuzit_Exception" class to "Vuzit_ClientException" for co…

    bmatzelle committed Oct 6, 2009
    …nsistency. Removed unnecessary comments from the code as well.
  2. Various small tweaks and documentation fixes.

    bmatzelle committed Oct 6, 2009
    Modified   lib/base.php
    * postParams: Added note to turn all Boolean values to "1" and "0".
    Modified   lib/document.php
    * Renamed all instances of $id to $webId for consistency.
    Modified   lib/event.php
    * Made the options array actually optional by making it null.
    Modified   test/event.php
    * Cleaned up the resulting display text for this test so that there isn't too much.
    Modified   test/index.html
    * Added the event.php test.
Commits on Sep 20, 2009
  1. Added a consumer class for the Vuzit Events web service API. Several …

    bmatzelle committed Sep 20, 2009
    …classes and functions were refactored so that the code for the events works well within the framework.
    Modified   README
    * Updated the documentation to the new wiki docs and updated Javascript to 2.8.
    Added      lib/base.php
    * New Vuzit_Base abstract class for all web service clients.
    Modified   lib/document.php
    * Now inherits from Vuzit_Base.
    * destroy, findById: Changed some parameters to match the new signatures.
    Added      lib/event.php
    * New Vuzit_Event class for querying events.
    Added      test/event.php
    * Test class for the Event class.  Creates geolocation links for additional information.
    Added      test/geo_location.php
    * New class for loading geolocation data from the IPInfoDB web service.
    Added      test/location.php
    * Returns geolocation data about an IP address.
Commits on Sep 3, 2009
  1. Removed a few errors that show up when strict reporting (E_ALL) is tu…

    bmatzelle committed Sep 3, 2009
    …rned on in PHP.
    * lib/document.php
    upload: Renamed file_type to correct fileType.
    postParams: Checks if the "id" parameter exists in the array before attempting to access it.
    * test/errors.php
    Checks if the "type" parameter exists in the array before attempting to access it.
Commits on Aug 13, 2009
Commits on Aug 7, 2009
  1. Added SSL support and fixed a bug in the destroy method that incorrec…

    bmatzelle committed Aug 7, 2009
    …tly returned an exception.
    * README
    Updated all examples to version 2.7 because of some fixes.
    * lib\document.php
    curlRequest: Creates a default CURL request.  If the request is SSL it turns on the proper options.
    destroy: Now uses curlRequest.  No longer uses return transfer because this caused a failure code to be returned.
    findById, upload: Now uses curlRequest.
    * lib\service.php
    Added documentation for making SSL requests.  Updated version to 1.1.0.
    * test\destroy.php
    Fixed the test so that it correctly returns if the request was successful.
Commits on Jul 20, 2009
Commits on Jun 23, 2009
Commits on Apr 28, 2009
Commits on Mar 18, 2009
  1. Updated README to be a bit cleaner. Removed documentation from Vuzit_…

    bmatzelle committed Mar 18, 2009
    …Document class so it does not show up in NaturalDocs report
Commits on Mar 11, 2009
Commits on Mar 10, 2009