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VuzitPHP, Vuzit Web Services library for PHP


This is a library that allows developers to directly access the Vuzit Document Viewer Web Service API through a simple PHP script. Below is a basic upload example:

include_once "VuzitPHP/lib/vuzit.php";  


$doc = Vuzit_Document::upload("c:/path/to/document.pdf");  

echo "Document id: " . $doc->getId();  

To get started you need to signup for a Vuzit account which gives you full access to the Vuzit APIs. Then simply replace your public and private keys in your code, and you’re ready to go.


This application requires the PHP Client Library . Follow the installation instructions

A simple phpinfo() call will tell you if CURL is installed:

<?php phpinfo(); ?>

If you’re using the Windows version then the library is an optional module. Open your php.ini file and un-comment the following line:


Then restart your web server. Verify with the phpinfo() call that it’s working. Sometimes on Windows machines the php.ini ‘extension_dir’ variable is set to ./ which doesn’t work. You will need to give it the full path. In this example the PHP installation is stored in C:\Program Files\php:

extension_dir = “C:/Program Files/php/ext”

Getting Started – Documentation

Below are some links to get you started using the tool.


Released under the MIT license. This license allows you to use the code in your proprietary projects.


For more information visit the Vuzit.com developer center

Feature Requests and Bug Reports

Email to support@vuzit.com or visit Vuzit Support