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Zabbix Bind9 Statistics Collection

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This method utilises Bind 9s built in statistics export via HTTP/XML.

Most statistics available are collected, several aggregate graphs are defined.

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Changes from original:

  • Zones without statistics are not detected
  • The template for Zabbix 3.4 uses dependent item. As a result, only one query is made to the agent for general statics and one for each zone.


  • Zabbix 2.X.X and Zabbix 3.X.X
  • Python 3

To install:

  • Configure Bind to export statistics via HTTP by adding the following to your bind.conf and restarting bind:
statistics-channels {
 	inet port 8653 allow {; };
  • Copy the userparameter_bind.conf into your zabbix agents include directory (/etc/zabbix/zabbix_agentd.d/ on Debian/Ubuntu)
  • Copy the script to /usr/local/bin/ (or anywhere else you like, but you will need to alter the contents of userparameter_bind.conf)
  • Import the xml template into Zabbix (zbx_bind_statistics_template_v3.xml for Zabbix 3.X.X)

Update to 3.4

  • Update userparameter_bind.conf and
  • Restart zabbix-agent
  • Import the xml template zbx_bind_statistics_template_v3.4.xml (previous data will not be lost)


You can enable per-zone statistics (which will be automatically discovered) by adding the following clause to each zone definition in your bind.conf: zone-statistics yes;

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