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A Nintendo 3DS emulator based on Citra
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vvctre is a Nintendo 3DS emulator based on Citra for Windows and Linux.
vvctre is licensed under the GPLv2 (or any later version). Refer to the license.txt file included.


user folder

vvctre uses the first existing option.

  • On Windows:
    • vvctre folder\user
    • %AppData%\vvctre
  • On Linux:
    • vvctre folder/user
    • ~/.local/share/vvctre for everything except config and ~/.config/vvctre for files in config


  • GPU with OpenGL >= 3.3
  • OS:
    • 64-bit Windows >= 8.1
    • 64-bit Ubuntu >= 18.04 with packages:
      • libsdl2-dev
      • libswscale-dev
      • libavformat-dev
      • libavcodec-dev
      • libavdevice-dev



Ways to use:

  • Open vvctre
  • Drop a file on vvctre

Run vvctre in a terminal.
For a list of commands and options, run vvctre usage.

Unique Features

  • SemVer versions instead of a simple numbers and random strings
  • Headless mode (doesn't create a window, can be controlled with RPC)
  • Supported apps
    • Everything Citra supports
    • 3DSident <= 0.7.9
  • Error messages in vvctre and Citra's GUI, but not Citra's CLI:
    • You are running default Windows drivers for your GPU. You need to install the proper drivers for your graphics card from the manufacturer's website.
    • Your GPU may not support OpenGL 3.3, or you do not have the latest graphics driver.
  • Better RPC

Removed Features

  • GUI
  • Camera support


  • No multiplayer rooms, multiplayer will work out of the box, and anyone can host the multiplayer server.
  • Movies created with any Citra build can't be played.
  • Movies created with vvctre can't be played on any Citra build.
  • Different folder for mods. put mods (Luma3DS folder structure) in user folder/sdmc/luma/titles.
  • Different RPC server.
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