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Vagrant django template. Experimental.
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Vagrant Django Template for EC2

A Vagrant configuration for a Django-centric machine at theTeam, utilising Puppet manifests for provisioning.

The Aim

The aim is to have a single way of provisioning both local virtual development environments using Vagrant & Virtualbox while also at the same time building in such a way that the same Puppet manifests can be use to provision the staging & production Amazon EC2 environments.

The project should be able to be replicated on a per-project basis to best work with the needs of a digital agency, and therefore should be as reusable as possible.


Under development by the theTeam, London, this project is currently still at an experimental phase and as such shoud not be used in production..yet.

The various modules are currently suited to our needs and our needs only but this could change with future development. If you wish to use it, you will most likely be best off forking the project and tailing it to your own requirements; if however you're after a box per the spec below - this will get you going with a working Django environment very quickly.

The Stack

Distro: Ubuntu Server 10.04 LTS

#TODO: Finish.

Installation & Usage

You'll probably want to check this out in your project directory somewhere, perhaps:

$ #TODO: Fill in.

There is a sample config.yml file in the project root, copy this - editing it to your preferences and place it in the manifests directory:

$ cp ./config-sample.yml ./manifests/config.yml

Now you have two options with the available manifests:

1) Build a local Vagrant development box

Then to run Vagrant and provision your server, be in the project root and run:

$ vagrant up

If running for the first time, this will download the base lucid64 box from the Vagrant website.

2) Build an Amazon EC2 instance

#TODO: Complete.

With Thanks to

We have taken inspiration and teachings from various parts of the web in building this, here are just a few of the resources we used to pull this together:

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