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Minimal Swift for TensorFlow OpenCV bindings
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Minimal Swift for TensorFlow OpenCV4 bindings, partially ported from gocv.

OpenCV Functions exposed:

  • resize
  • getRotationMatrix2D
  • warpAffine
  • copyMakeBorder
  • GaussianBlur
  • remap
  • imdecode
  • imread
  • cvtColor
  • flip
  • transpose

OpenCV's Mat can be converted to S4TF's Tensor and ShapedArray types.

See Extra/Test.ipynb and Tests as an example of usage.

This notebook was executed using updated swift-jupyter docker image with OpenCV4 installed.


Include as SwiftPM package:

.package(url: "", .branch("master"))

NOTE: OpenCV4 must installed in order for package to compile.


Currently this package is just an example of OpenCV/S4TF integration with no safety checks and guarantees to work properly :)


OpenCV C API, (c) Copyright gocv authors.

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