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The addon imports GPS tracks from a file in the GPX format (.gpx) as a sequence of Blender edges. Elevation from a track can be used to assign z-coordinate of each point of the track.


Download the latest version of the addon and install it via the usual Blender way:

  • File → User Preferences... → Addons → Install from File...
  • Find the file in your file system and press Install from File... button
  • Enable the addon by checking the Enable an addon


  • File → Import → GPX (.gpx)
  • Find a GPX file in your file system
  • If Ignore existing georeferencing checkbox is checked, existing georeferencing is ignored and a new one is made
  • Uncheck Use elevation for z-coordinate to ignore elevation from the track and make the imported track flat


If you find the addon useful, please consider making a donation:

Please donate


The transverse Mercator projection with the central meridian coming through the center of the imported area is used for the import. The projection choice is explained by the negligible size distortion in the vicinity of the central meridian.

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