One click download and import of OpenStreetMap and terrain for Blender! Global coverage! Documentation is hosted here.
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blender-osm: OpenStreetMap and terrain for Blender

Get blender-osm for just $5.90!

By buying the addon you support the addon development. All customers will get the addon source code under GPL license!

  • blender-osm imports buildings from OpenStreetMap. Building height and number of floors are used to create the final scene. Composition into 3D parts for a building with the complex structure is also processed. A large number of roof shapes is supported. If a terrain is provided, buildings are placed on the terrain automatically.
  • blender-osm downloads and imports real world terrain data with resolution about 30 meter.
  • River, lakes, forests, vegetation are imported as polygons. If a terrain is provided, they are projected on the terrain.
  • Imported roads, paths and railways have width. They are represented by Blender curves with a profile object. If a terrain is provided, roads are projected on the terrain.

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