OpenStreetMap Importer for Blender
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OpenStreetMap Importer for Blender


The addon imports a file in the OpenStreetMap format (.osm).

Get the addon for just $3.85!

By buying the addon you support the addon development. All customers will get the addon source code under GPL license!

The following items can be imported by the addon:

  • Buildings. Building height, number of floors are used to create the final scene. Composition into 3D parts for a building with the complex structure is also processed. A large number of roof shapes is supported: flat, gabled, hipped (for a quadrangle outline only), mono-pitched, half-hipped, round, pyramidal, gambrel, dome, onion and saltbox.
  • Water objects (rivers and lakes). Imported as polygons. Coastlines for seas and oceans are importes as edges.
  • Vegetation areas (forests, grass, scrubs). Imported as polygons.
  • Highways, paths and railways. Imported as edges.

Polygons with holes are supported!


The addon requires at least Blender 2.76, but it makes sense to use the latest version of Blender.

Buy the addon for just $3.85. You will get a zip archive. Do not unpack it! Install it via the usual Blender way:

  • Delete the previous version of the addon if you have one:
    • File → User Preferences... → Addons
    • Type osm in the search box in the top left corner of the Addons tab to find the addon
    • Press Remove button in the GUI box with the header Import-Export: Import OpenStreetMap (.osm)
  • File → User Preferences... → Addons → Install from File...
  • Find the zip archive in your file system and press Install from File... button
  • Enable the addon by checking the Enable an addon
  • Press Save User Settings in the Blender User Preferences window


  • File → Import → OpenStreetMap (.osm)
  • Find an OpenStreetMap file in your file system
  • Press Import OpenStreetMap button
  • Enjoy the imported scene!

For detailed instructions, limitations, tips and tricks see the Documentation.