Python scripts for stitching tiled maps from a number of sources (Bing aerial maps, web maps, MBTiles files)
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tile-utils is a set of Python scripts for stitching of tiled web maps.

The following sources of web maps are supported:

Possible applications

  • Preparing a big map for printing
  • Making a field paper for a painting program in your mobile device


  • Python 2.7
  • Python Imaging Library (PIL)


  • Download and unpack ZIP archive
  • Replace the content of bing_maps_key.txt with your Bing Maps Key. See the instructions how to get a Bing Maps Key



cd pathTo/tile-utils
python -h

Important note:
If your bounding box definition starts with minus, place -- before it, as in the example below.

Example parameters:

# Stitching tiles Bing Aerial Maps
python 26.7188,58.3786,26.72067,58.3791 bing
# Stitching tiles from
python 26.7188,58.3786,26.72067,58.3791 http://{a,b,c}
# Stitching tiles from a local MBTiles file
python -- -77.0471,38.8790,-77.0299,38.8891 pathTo/fileName.mbtiles


Only 200 tiles can be downloaded from Bing Aerial Maps or any web map with OpenStreetMap tiling scheme. You can use TileMill to produce your own tiles in the MBTiles format.