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A flat-ui framework for c#/.net application using SVG targeting browsers
C# JavaScript HTML CSS
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misusing the browser as your windowing/interaction/drawing layer for your c#/.net desktop applications by streaming [SVG] ( graphics via the [WAMP] ( v1 protocol to browsers. For some more details read the [announcement] (

Applications using Posh

Running the Demo

  • Open Demo.WinForms\PoshDemo.sln
  • Rightclick the solution icon -> Restore Packages
  • Now it should build and run

Code Overview

comes with


  • is an HTTP server
  • serves the \web\posh.html as answer to any URL request only with a unique WebSocket port configured for each URL
  • on /root it serves a listing of all saved *.xml documents


  • has a WebSocket listening on the specified port
  • translates RPCs that come in via WebSocket to local calls
  • registers a WAMPListener on the WebSocket
  • registers Posh topics (pub/sub) on WAMP (Add, Update, Remove)
  • publishes Posh RPCs (Dump, SetSessionName, KeyDown, KeyUp, KeyPress)
  • has an SvgEventCaller
  • handles a RemoteContext per Session
  • can publish Posh after every RPC (AutoPublish) or manually on Publish()


  • acts as kind of a buffer between changes to the local and the remote SVG DOM
  • keeps track of local DOM changes
  • provides them in Posh form (json/xml) on demand


  • is a custom ID manager for SVG
  • gets SvgEventCaller from WampServer
  • OnAdd(element)
  • adds the element to the RemoteContext
  • calls element.RegisterEvents() on the element handing it the SvgEventCaller
  • registers itself on element.AttributeChanged so it can reflect those changes on the RemoteContext
  • OnDelete(element)
  • calls element.UnregisterEvents()


  • represents a dynamic RPC for being able to be registered at the WampHost


the web/js part of posh that

  • receives Posh snippets and
  • manipulates the SVG DOM accordingly
  • registers RPCs as eventhandler
  • calls eventhandler
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