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+using System.Reflection;
+using System.Runtime.CompilerServices;
+using System.Runtime.InteropServices;
+// Information about this assembly is defined by the following
+// attributes.
+// change them to the information which is associated with the assembly
+// you compile.
+[assembly: AssemblyTitle("VVVV Plugin Hoster")]
+[assembly: AssemblyDescription("Hosts VVVV Plugins")]
+[assembly: AssemblyConfiguration("")]
+[assembly: AssemblyCompany("VVVV group")]
+[assembly: AssemblyProduct("VVVV Plugin Hoster")]
+[assembly: AssemblyCopyright("")]
+[assembly: AssemblyTrademark("")]
+[assembly: AssemblyCulture("")]
+// This sets the default COM visibility of types in the assembly to invisible.
+// If you need to expose a type to COM, use [ComVisible(true)] on that type.
+[assembly: ComVisible(false)]
+// The assembly version has following format :
+// Major.Minor.Build.Revision
+// You can specify all values by your own or you can build default build and revision
+// numbers with the '*' character (the default):
+[assembly: AssemblyVersion("1.0.*")]

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